Mixwell is a Swedish company solely producing products without gluten. Since 17 years back we are producing private label to some companies along with our own distribution. With new machinery and new facilities we are prepared to open up for more production according to customers special and tailored wishes.

Photo: MixWell

Today’s range of products includes mixes of various kind, such as bread mixes, cake mixes, waffle mixes, pizza dough mixes, ice cream cones and different flour mixes. Our products are today sold in all Scandinavian countries as well as in Germany and in the Netherlands.

Our factory is geared up to produce any kind of dry mixes. Today we use ingredients based on gluten-free wheat starch as well as from rice and corn. We also have a line of organic products.

Our packing is done in 350g, 500g, 1000g, 10 kg and 25 kg, in soft packs, in bags and in boxes.