Food from Sweden

Explore Swedish food and beverage companies who we work with and what they have to offer the global food market.


Mobergarna AB is a bakery that only produces private label products. Our area of expertise includes traditional Swedish biscuits, gingerbread, meringue products, punsch rolls and chocolate tops.

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With an innovative range that is constantly being developed, we operate development as a reliable partner for consumers, restaurants and large households and creates new products for EMV. With a strong and clear brand, we create conditions for growth in Sweden and internationally.

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Experience the unique flavors of Nordic nature with a modern twist. Moonvalley was founded by three world-class Swedish athletes and offers a wide range of delicious protein bars, energy bars, sports drinks, and post-workout mixes. You can enjoy all our products with a clear consciousness knowing that they are as kind to you as they are to our planet.

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Mörsjö Deli

Thin bread has been baked in Jämtland for everyday and special occasion for thousands of years. It’s special bread made by barley, that contains low levels of gluten and ferment. Thin bread of barley flour is a natural part of the northern culinary tradition.

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Munkagrodden is Sweden's largest supplier of sprouts. Our sprouts are organically grown from KRAV-certified seeds using only clean water.

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My Swedish Honey

The association Svenska Bin (Swedish Bees) was founded in 2013 by the beekeepers of Sweden with the purpose of marketing Swedish Honey and other products from the beehive.

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The future of food is now

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Narr Konfektyr

Narr Konfektyr is a family business that started in 1993 and has since then concentrated on chocolate coating. The company has today seven employees and has a capacity of 1500 tons/year.

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Nathalie’s Direct Trade

Nathalie’s have a portfolio of tasty, premium, organic dried fruits, jams, whole cane sugar, without additives, and no added sugar.

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Nick’s was founded in 2017 by the serial entrepreneur Niclas Lutman, who was diagnosed with diabetes. He refused to give up chocolate and experimented in his own kitchen until Nicks first product – a chocolate covered wafer bar was created.

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Norrbottens Destilleri

The distillery produces gin inspired by the landscapes that the Kalix River flows through. Its course begins by the Kebnekaise Mountain, and so does Norrbottens Destilleri’s flavour journey.

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Norrtelje Brenneri

The Spirit of Stockholm Archipelago, a small-scale family owned craft distillery established 2001. From locally grown fruit and berries, mostly BIO, in small CARL batch stills we distil our fruit distillates, aquavits, Swedish punch, whisky and gin.

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Nyåkers Pepparkakor

Nyåkers Pepparkakor was founded in 1952. At the time, it was an ordinary local bakery, supplying a variety of pastries. The bakery’s bread wagon travelled between farms selling to households.

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Nybergs Bageri AB

Nybergs Bageri is a Swedish manufacturer of frozen cookie dough and muffin- and brownie batter for bake-off.

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