Food from Sweden

Explore Swedish food and beverage companies who we work with and what they have to offer the global food market.

Santa Maria

Latin American cuisine is an explosion of carnival flavours and new taste sensations. Our range brings the most delicious dishes from the length and breadth of Latin America to your plate!

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Sanus Glutenfri

Our main objective is to offer those with special nutritional needs with familiar and new, exotic, flavour sensations that taste just as good – if not better – than the regular!

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Saturnus is a family owned business dedicated to creating delicious beverages for every taste and occasion with high quality since 1893. Saturnus is the oldest and largest producer of mulled wine and aquavit in Sweden with a focus on locally sourced spices and ingredients.

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SAV Winery AB

SAV Winery AB is a new Swedish producer in Östersund who manufactures a sparkling birch sap wine, which has gained respect on the Swedish and international market.

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Scandi Candy

We started our factory 2002 in Vellinge just outside Malmoe. All of our products are gelatin-free and our ambition is producing candy of high quality, and of natural raw materials.

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Schöttinger Finest Marsipan

Schöttinger Finest Marsipan was founded in 2008 when our family decided to refine our unique knowledge of marzipan to offer a unique taste. The result was amazing marzipan bars- which today can be found in a variety of delicious flavors

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Segerström Company AB

Swedish gourmet food, Swedish Gourmet Herring is a part of Segerström Company AB. In collaboration with the major Swedish food companies, Prinsens sill & sallader, Fiskexporten Varberg and Marenor Lysekils.

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Semper AB

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Sevan Hummus Factory AB

Sevan Hummus Factory AB is the leading industrial producer in Scandinavia of fresh and healthy dips and sauces from the Middle East. We specialize in products such as Hummus in different flavours, Falafel, Tzatziki and Baba Ghannouge, and our product portfolio also includes sauces.

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Skånsk Chili

Skånsk Chili is a family company devoted to growing chilli for the production of certified organic chilli sauces. Chili is our passion and we are proud to take care of the whole chain from putting seed into the soil to the finished sauce.

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Skeby Gårdar

Oragnic canola and rapeseed oil from the Swedish fields straight to your private label.

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Smakis non-carbonated drinks contain more fruit and less added sugar, and are made without colorants and preservatives.

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Can you eat well and at the same time do good? Award winning Swedish snacking brand!

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Solberga Konfektyrfabrik AB

Solberga Konfektyrfabrik AB is a manufacturer specializing in handmade oldfashioned confectionaries, both hard candies, sugar confectionaries and lollipops.

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Solsken (Drink to Shine AB)

Tasty organic lemonade – without additives, preservatives and refined sugar made from organic, sweet lemons from Sicily. Solsken is Swedish for sunshine.

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