Swedish gourmet food, Swedish Gourmet Herring is a part of Segerström Company AB. In collaboration with the major Swedish food companies, Prinsens sill & sallader, Fiskexporten Varberg and Marenor Lysekils.


Segerström Company AB also owns and operates ”The Herring Weekend” in Marstrand and owns the brand ”The Mayor’s shot” a premium akvavit.

”3 Swedish Gourmet Herring”

Marstrand’s Winning Herring 2016
Creamy herring with Whitefish Roe & Västerbotten’s cheese

Marstrand’s Jetty Herring
Creamy Matjes herring with capers & chives

Matjes Herring
Spicy & musty Matjes herring

All herring is MSC-labelled and certified for sustainable fisheries.

”The Mayor’s shot”
A premium akvavit
Spiced with caraway, dill, fennel, wormwood and sherry.
40% Alc.

Products are sold through premium retailers

Currently no export