Food from Sweden

Explore Swedish food and beverage companies who we work with and what they have to offer the global food market.

Dals Konfektyr AB

Dals Konfektyr AB has a history dating back to 1946, the factory is overlooking a lake forest and hills. At our plant we produce many different sweets ranging from toffee, chocolate pralines, marshmallow, chocolate covered marshmallow as well as sugar dragee.

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Dejunked's mission is to offer you a range of delicious snacks that are more exciting than a banana and considerably healthier than a sugary chocolate bar.

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Delibake AB

Delibake is a Swedish bakery company and has one of northern Europe’s most modern and efficient productions lines for biscuits and cookies.

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Delicato bakverk AB

Delicato is the leading manufacturer of cakes and pastries in the Nordic countries. Our classics such as the Delicatoball, the Punschroll and Mazarin are acclaimed and loved throughout the entire region.

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We believe in a world where you can savor something delicious without sacrificing your healthy lifestyle. That’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to producing snacks made from natural, organic, and vegan ingredients. Zero additives. Just the taste of true indulgence.

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Dream of Sweden

Dream of Sweden offer premium Swedish cookies and confectionary products packaged in beautiful tins.

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Eguale is a 100% fair trade and organic brand of coffee, tea and chocolate with great taste and great values.

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Ekorrens ekologiska

Ekorren's Organic candy is organic, which means it is coloured and flavoured with organically grown fruits, plants and berries.

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ERT Godis AB

Ert Godis AB is one of the largest private owned wholesalers of confectionary in Sweden, we have been in business since 1990 and we are specialists at Pick and Mix candy.

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Taste is Falksalt's speciality - and has been for more than 90 years. Falksalt is one of the oldest brands in Sweden and is the most popular premium salt brand on the market. Falksalt products can be found in stores and restaurants all over the world.

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Fazer Kvarn

Fazer Kvarn is certified according to FSSC 22 000 in food safety, quality and environmental standards such as ISO 14001:2004. We have extensive experience of working with private label and have always focused on the industry and our consumers’ requirements regarding safety around our products. We are proud of our facility which started in 1981 and is completely free from palmoil, dairy, soy, nuts and almond.

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Felix is one of the most common brands in Sweden with a range that stretches all the way from tomato ketchup, French fries, vegetarian ready-to cook meals and instant mashed potatoes, to lingonberry jam, porridge, salad dressings and pickled gherkins.

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Finn Crisp

Finn Crips Original is baked using sourdough and has a full rye taste and a crispy character. It’s perfect for breakfast or as a healthy snack.

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First Class Brands of Sweden

“Being healthy is not a trend – it’s a lifestyle!”

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Fjällbergets Bageri & Deli (Vilmas)

Founded in 2001, Fjällbergets bakes award winning organic, gluten-free and high protein crackers and crispbreads.

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