Eguale (“equality” in English) is a 100% fair trade and organic brand of coffee, tea and chocolate with great taste and great values. It is a high-quality assortment of natural and clean products in eye-catching colourful packages.

Eguale has been working with fair trade since 1976 and is driven by the vision of equity for farmers and workers in countries with widespread poverty.

  • Eguale coffee – in various roasts from many corners of the world. The main supplier is the Mexican cooperative UCIRI. The world’s first fair trade cooperative, which also is a co-owner and founder of the trade principle.
  • Eguale tea – contains the finest Ceylon tea, picked at the Idulgashinna Bio Tea Garden in Sri Lanka – the world’s first organic tea plantation.
  • Eguale chocolate – in several exciting flavours. All chocolates are gluten-free, free of additives and many are vegan. Always fair trade. Always organic.

Picture: Eguale