Food from Sweden

Explore Swedish food and beverage companies who we work with and what they have to offer the global food market.


The original idea behind Oatly was to find a way to make a nutritious liquid product for people who just didn’t like cow’s milk or were unwilling to use it for personal reasons.

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Quality still and sparkling wines – liberated from alcohol.

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Oh Mungood

Oh Mungood offers tasty vegan, organic and Swedish-produced products completely without additives!

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Olle Svensson

Berries are our core business! Olle Svensson has business segments in fruits and berries, sauces, salads, and beverages, with both purchase and production in Europe and sales all over the world.

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One to Hundred Functional Foods

The name ONE TO HUNDRED reflects on our goal, to deliver products that will give you 100% energy without added sugar. The products will enrich a healthy lifestyle.

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The Oppigårds farm has been in our family's possession since year 1735. The idea of brewing beer began to sprout in the 1980's.

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Organic Smash

It’s all about simplicity. SMASH stands for Single Malt and Single Hops. Every beer we brew contains just one type of malt and one type of hop.

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Orkla Confectionery & Snacks Sverige

When Orkla Confectionery & Snacks Sverige was founded in 2013 two of Sweden’s most iconic brands were merged into the same organization and house of brands. In Sweden, the OLW brand is market leader within the snacks category and Göteborgs Kex has the same position within biscuits.

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Orkla Foods Sweden

Orkla Foods Sweden is proudly working with some of Sweden’s most loved brands and chances are good that you will find at least one of our products in every Swedish home.

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Örneborgs Delikatesser

Örneborgs Delikatesser is based on the west coast of Sweden. We produce a wide range of seafood salads, mayonnaise, dressings, spreads for breads, horseradish, mustard and fresh sauces. We strive to be a leading partner in Sweden within private label and have diversity within our production.

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Ostkompaniet included in Lindahls Invest, which is a family business with over 40 years experience in the food. Best known for Lindahl's Dairy Products AB and the Turkish yoghurt. The Company divested during 2010.

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Pågen is the leading bakery company in Sweden. Ever since 1878, when the founders Anders and Matilda Påhlsson first opened a little bakery shop in Malmö, Pågen has had a passion for baking.

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The Paulúns range contains tasty and healthy protein bars, crackers, soups and ready-to-eat meals that will help you keep a healthy balance throughout the whole day.

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Pear & Carrot

Pear & Carrot promotes and introduces Nordic food and beverage brands in Hong Kong, Macau and China.

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Peas of Heaven

We aim to reach everyone who want to replace the meat in their dishes with plant-based protein, but without replacing the dish itself. Today we have 12 products in our range: Sausages, mince, burger, cold cuts, bacon and vegan meatballs. All of them are of course plant-based aswell as free from soy and gluten.

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