The Paulúns brand was first launched in 2004 by Fredrik Paulún himself. Fredrik, who has a master of Science in Nutrition, had a hope and an ambition to help people eat and feel better. Basically, to live a better life in general.

Photo: Paulúns

Since Orkla Foods Sverige took over development of the food range, the brand has reached a wider crowd and the product portfolio has expanded quite a lot. Today it includes everything you need to kick-start your day with cereals, mueslis, granolas, hard bread and porridges.

The range also contains tasty and healthy protein bars, crackers, soups and ready-to-eat meals that will help you keep a healthy balance throughout the whole day. Paulúns is also a very exciting brand since we are constantly updating the range with new and exciting products.

Photo: Paulúns

It doesn’t matter if you are an athlete or if you are a couch-potato who simply want to start eating better, adding Paulúns products to your diet will give you a lot of the nutrition that your body needs and they will keep you feeling satisfied for a longer time.

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Photo: Paulúns

We carefully choose the raw materials and we have high requirements regarding their nutritional values, quality and how they were grown. We never use any additives, such as taste enhancers, sweeteners or preservatives in our products. The raw materials need to be as nutritious as possible and we strive to find a good balance between protein, fat and carbohydrates from sources that are both tasty and healthy.

Here are some keywords and values that we live by:

  • No unnecessary additives.
  • No added sugar.
  • Natural sweetening with fruits, berries, honey, etc.
  • Low salt content, preferably mineral salt.
  • Good quality fats.
Photo: Paulúns

Orkla Foods Sverige

With more than 1600 employees, a turnover of over 500 million EUR, and some of the most well-known brands in the country, we are one of Sweden’s leading food companies. Our head office is located in the southern part of Sweden, in the city of Malmö. However, our production facilities are spread across the country, all the way from Simrishamn in the south, to Vansbro in the north. Orkla Foods Sverige AB is part of the Norwegian Orkla Group, listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange.