Over 100 years ago, our great grandfather produced our very first meat-based sausage with such care and commitment that we are able to keep his recipes alive, even today. Through the experience that we have gathered along the way, we do not only know the value of producing food that includes ingredients and contents that are loved by the people, but also the importance of always meeting our customers’ needs and demands.

Until just a few years back, we have had a pretty easy task to gather friends and families, around our products, in their own homes. But recently things changed, and more people started demanding plant-based options. We realized that if did not take that seriously, we would lose some of the people who used to gather around our food. And easy as that – Peas of Heaven was born.

Peas of Heaven is a modern brand, but with experience from way back, that focuses on plant-based products based on pea protein. We aim to reach all those people who want to replace the meat in their dishes to plant-based protein, but without replacing the dish itself. Hence, with our products it is easy to just switch from a meat-based dish to a plant-based one, without replacing any of the other ingredients or changing the cooking method. Today we have 12 products in our range: Sausages, mince, burger, cold cuts, bacon and vegan meatballs. All of them are of course plant-based aswell as free from soy and gluten.