Food from Sweden

Explore Swedish food and beverage companies who we work with and what they have to offer the global food market.

Kronfågel (Bosarp kyckling)

Kronfågel produce and market a wide range of chilled, frozen and convenience chicken products. The products are marketed under well known brands, which stand for quality and good animal welfare.

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La Praline

La Praline Scandinavia AB produces 15 different flavours of truffles and also 3 Christmas flavours; apple/cinnamon, ginger and gingerbread. They have different collections of boxes and the latest collection is the box called “Tin Collection” which consists of their 3 best-selling flavours. This collection will also be presented at ISM.

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Lakritsfabriken, founded in Sweden in 2011 by Martin Jörgensen, offers you Sweden’s first gluten-free premium liquorice. High quality is key and all of our products are always gluten and gelatine free.

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Our story begins in the 1920s when our founders, Joon Olof and Anna Olsson, became the village bakers and took on the task of providing bread for all the other families in the village.

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Lily & Hanna’s Rawfood Ice Dream

raw food * organic * vegan * refined sugar free * dairy free * lactose free * gluten free * additive free * super good!

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Löfbergs Lila

Löfbergs Lila AB is a major Swedish coffee company and has one of Europe’s most modern roasting plants. The company, located in Karlstad, was founded in 1906 and is still family owned. In addition, the company has manufacturing facilities in Denmark, Latvia and Norway. AB Anders Löfberg is a leading manufacturer within Private Label.

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Lohilo Foods

We are working towards changing that reality in all ways we could possibly imagine. A strong will that made us about first in the world to produce a high protein ice-cream - Lohilo.

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Lowcaly is a part of the NJIE group and was founded in 2022. The brand is designed by active people for active people who crave something sweet and delicious but want to avoid unnecessary sugar.

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Magnihill develops, produces and sells frozen products from the vegetable kingdom, with a focus on organic and convenience. The company’s vegetables are often used in prepared meals, soups and baby foods, or just as they are by restaurants and caterers.

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malmö choklad.jpg

Malmö Chokladfabrik

We believe that following your dreams and being true to yourself is what life’s all about.

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Malmö Vinägerfabrik

We created a range of premium vinegars that achieves more and interesting flavor in company of a certain produce or a style of kitchen. Enjoy fruity and aromatic flavours from our open fields or the deep forrests.

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Marenor AB is one of the leading producers of sea­food from the waters of the coasts of Scandinavia.

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Millu® offer a wide range of quality products influenced by the honest and natural way of life in Scandinavia. When you buy our brand, we give you a glimpse of the king of the forest – the elk Millu.

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Mixwell is a Swedish company solely producing products without gluten. Since 17 years back we are producing private label to some companies along with our own distribution.

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Our secret: the use of Swedish ingredients of the highest possible quality, one hundred years of baking tradition plus a big dose of passion.

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