Water, flour and hot ovens. These are the basic ingredients of the classic Swedish bread known as thin bread. The first thin bread can be traced to the Swedish High Coast and here, in the little village of Mjällom, Sweden’s oldest thin bread bakery was founded in 1923 – Mjälloms Tunnbröd.

Photo: Mjälloms Tunnbröd 

Our secret: the use of Swedish ingredients of the highest possible quality, one hundred years of baking tradition plus a big dose of passion. We bake all our products in our own bakery and the baking process we use today follows the same steps that were used for our first dough. 

But we are always open to development. Today our classic thin bread is baked alongside gourmet products such as thin bread baskets and crispy thin bread crackers.

If you haven’t tried thin bread yet, we suggest you make a crunchy thin bread sandwich with a bit of potato and a little crème fraiche topped with some delicious whitefish roe.  Or why not a crispy thin bread cracker with some good cheese and a dollop of cloudberry jam. But, it has to be said, it is hard to beat a piece of thin bread simply spread with a little butter.