In the year of 2001, Katharina and Jean-Claude opened a little chocolate shop in Gothenburg, Sweden, selling all kind of chocolate products from leading brands in Europe. It took a few years before they started dreaming about making their own product, specialising in cocoa dusted truffles.

In 2011, the dream came true. After finding the perfect production building in Gothenburg, they started making their own truffles and sell to stores all over Sweden. But it was not all easy and smooth for two people who had no experience in manufacturing. It took some months to understand the machines and how the temperatures of the truffle mass would be handled. But it all worked out fine and in 2019 they built a whole new building, meeting the needs of a modern factory in Viared, Borås.

Now, La Praline is a leading manufacturer in Scandinavia, specialized in cocoa dusted truffles with a broad range of flavours and packages. La Praline now sells their products all over Europe and are looking forward to selling worldwide. Not only does La Praline want to sell delicious and creamy cocoa dusted truffles, but also to produce such a safe product as possible and therefore they are very involved with their food safety program and has been certified for FSSC22000 since 2020. With a lot of experience and knowledge, we hope that you will find a flavour and box that will suit you the best.

Photo: La Praline


La Praline produces 15 different flavours of truffles and also 3 Christmas flavours; apple/cinnamon, ginger and gingerbread. They have seven different collections of boxes and the latest collections are “Tin Collection” and “Millennium Collection” which consists of their eight best-selling flavours. These collections will also be presented at ISM 2022.


La Praline has all information of their products on their website,


La Praline attained FSSC22000 certification in 2020. This places constant demands on them to ensure high standards in production processes and traceability of all raw products.


La Praline has different collections for different markets.


Today you can find products from La Praline in all Scandinavian countries and so far also in Germany, Austria, Finland, Iceland and United Kingdom.