Saturnus is a family owned business dedicated to creating delicious beverages with high quality since 1893. Our product portfolio consists of a wide range of carefully selected beverage in different categories for every taste and occasion. Saturnus is the oldest and largest producer of mulled wine and aquavit in Sweden with a focus on locally sourced spices and ingredients. Our mulled wine is created with attention to detail, carefully selected ingredients and with a tradition of craftsmanship that has been passed down for generations.

We have put a great deal of effort into becoming the best collaboration partner for international brands over the past few years. We work with a lot of co-production in our factory in Sweden, helping well-known companies with different kinds of bottling projects. Further, we collaborate with recognized brands such as Aquador, Evian and Badoit for distribution within the Swedish market.

Saturnus Spirits (Schnapps, Aquavit & Gin)

Photo: Saturnus

Piratens Akvavit 70cl, 40%vol

An aquavit in memory of famous Swedish author Fritiof Nilsson Piraten. He wrote masterpieces like Bombi Bitt and I, Bock Herb Garden and many more. Caraway and dill, distilled separately and mixed with the utmost precision. Rounded with a dash of oak barrels stored sherry. Call it never schnapps. Call it aquavit, the water of life.

Piratens Besk 70cl, 32%vol

A Besk in memory of famous Swedish author Fritiof Nilsson Piraten. He wrote masterpieces like Bombi Bitt and I, Bock Herb Garden and many more. Now, we have revived the drink he enjoyed the most. A Besk with bitter taste of wormwood from Österlen in Sweden. Remember, when you are enjoying it, every bottle sold, contributes to the Piraten Prize.

Grinda 35cl, 38%vol

An organic aquavit with delicate flavour of dill and citrus notes. Light and distinct flavors that match perfectly with fish and seafood. Serve lightly chilled to caviar, seafood and fish dishes. It is also a highlight with fresh crab or freshly cooked crayfish. Enjoy!

Saltö 35cl, 38%vol

Herring, salt and schnapps. A tasty trinity that meet on Saltö, a small beautiful, windswept island in northern Bohuslän archipelago. This is where we found the inspiration for our organic archipelago aquavit made on distillates of caraway and fennel, and thereafter seasoned with handpicked sweet gale. Flavours perfect for salt herring and fresh seafood. A greeting from the sea. Cheers from Saltö!

Skärgårdssnapsar 10x5cl, 36,2%vol

Saturnus’ Skärgårdssnapsar (Archipelago schnapps) is a tasteful journey through our Swedish archipelagos. The ten flavoured schnapps takes us on a journey from Stockholm’s beautiful archipelago, through Österlen and on to beautiful destinations on the West Coast. Sandhamn, Utö, Fjäderholmarna, Brännö, and Vinga are examples of the trip ashore. The flavours of the schnapps are adapted for the traditional festive Swedish cuisine and its broad palette of flavours. From pickled herring, fermented herring and cheese, to poultry, fish and seafood. The ten miniature schnapps contains 5 cl each.

Fjäderholmarna 50cl, 32%vol

Fjäderholmarna schnapps has a mild and fresh flavour of the beautiful and classic summery elderflower with its characteristic strong and sweet fragrance.

Utö 50cl, 38%vol

Production of Utö organic schnapps is made with craftsmanship and carefully selected ingredients. The result is a round and well balanced snaps with gentle, harmonious seasoning of lemon and elderflower. The seasoning is well balanced and appreciated by both new and hardcore schnapps lovers. Utö is suitable for poultry, fish and seafood, or just as it is.

Skanör 50cl, 40%vol

Skanör Aquavit is made from carefully selected ingredients. Caraway, anise and fennel are distilled separately, before blended to get the right aquavit balance.

Tareq Taylor Gin 50cl, 47%vol

A dry gin with a distinct taste of juniper and a crisp citrus note. Extra smooth due to double distillation method. Classic gin spices (juniper, cilantro seeds, Angelica, meadowsweet, woodruff, curacao, long pepper and grans of paradise) and a hint of barrels.

Saturnus Glogg (Mulled Wine)

Saturnus’ glogg is firmly associated with the Swedish drinking tradition. For over a hundred years, we have chosen and carefully handled the finest quality raw materials in order to provide our customers with the finest glogg possible. The flavour and aroma are powerful and classically Swedish; cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, ginger and orange peel are clearly emphasized giving the glogg a typical Saturnus character. The existing assortment can also be adjusted in recipe to the different sales markets.

Photo: Saturnus

Flavoured glogg 50cl, non-alcoholic

Two different flavours in collaboration with well-known Swedish companies.

Chocolate & Cloudberry Glogg is a very spicy glogg made with rich chocolate topped with the Swedish mountain’s gold – cloudberry. A collaboration with Åre Chocolate Factory.

Raspberry & Licorice Glogg is Sweden’s most sold flavoured glogg with a taste of the renowned Swedish raspberry and licorice candy. A collaboration with BUBS Candy.

Red wine glogg 75cl, low alcohol

Glogg with no added sugar 2,2%vol is recommended to all diabetics and everyone who want to minimize the sugar intake. Traditional glogg with hints of cloves, cardamom, cinnamon, ginger and orange peel. Made with a rich red wine. No added sugar.

Edward Blom’s glogg 1,2%vol is a traditional glogg with red wine, brown sugar, dried raisin and figs. Topped off with a hint of cognac.

White wine glogg 50cl, 20%vol

Svensk Vinter 20%vol is one of our top selling gloggs with higher alcohol level. Made out of fresh, fruity white wine, ginger, orange peel, cinnamon and real vanilla topped with unfiltered oak malt whiskey straight from the barrels (whiskey brand: MACKMYRA). Swedish Winter has also proven to be an excellent basic cocktail ingredient and comes with a lot of tempting recipes from bartenders.

Red wine glogg 75cl, non-alcoholic

We also offer non-alcoholic gloggs with the traditional taste of cloves, cardamom, cinnamon, ginger and orange peel. Made with grape juice. Comes in both traditional and organic.

Glogg Concentrate 50cl, non-alcoholic (concentrate to be diluted)

A very popular glögg among children and adults. Our glogg concentrate is also available in 2.5-liter container for those occasions involving lots of friends.
Glogg: Warm 1 part glogg concentrate with 2 parts water.
Wine glogg: Warm 1 part glogg concentrate with 2 parts red wine.