The first product, SAV 1785, was introduced in December 2019. From September 2020 it is available in 80 large wine and liquor shops in Sweden and has been sold online to 16 countries in Europe.

SAV 1785 Pétillant Naturel is based on birch sap, an unique raw material in for producing an alcoholic sparkling beverage. It has been partly fermented in the bottle according to our own developed “Méthode Suédoise”.

“It is a combination of the traditional methods for producing sparkling wine, Méthode Ancestrale and Méthode Traditionelle”, reveals Lars Torstensson, an international recognized wine maker, who has “adopted” the SAV 1785-project. He continues: “before the first fermentation on tank is completed, we add some yeast and sugar and thereafter we tap it on bottles where the fermentation is finished”.

SAV 1785 is an ecological and vegan friendly beverage. No pesticides, art irrigation, fertilizers or other additives are used in the production process.

Photo: SAV Winery

The taste has a touch of apples, herbs, honey and citrus. Both inexperienced wine consumers as well as more experienced, will certainly raise an eyebrow when they get to know that it is a sparkling birch sap wine they have in the glass.

“Pétillant Naturel” means “naturally sparkling” and has during the last few years become very popular, especially as an aperitif. We hope that chefs and sommeliers can be inspired from SAV 1785 and combine it with good food and other beverages.

Photo: SAV Winery