Can you eat well and at the same time do good? Award winning Swedish snacking brand!

Smiling is a brand that offers Fairtrade-certified and organic products.

As students in 2011, we went down to the Gambia to write an essay about Swedish aid.

By living with the local people, we understood that it was job opportunities, rather than aid, they wanted for a long-term development.

Curious as we where we asked ourselves what we could do about it and were presented to a world of cashew nuts.

In fact, most of the cashew nuts we eat in Europe come from West Africa, but very few are processed locally. The given question was: what happens with the nuts?

It turned out that there are merchants from Asia who buy the nuts, take them home and peel them there. Often under really poor working conditions. Then the nuts are sold to Europe.

Shouldn't we be able to buy and process locally instead? With fair conditions and then take the finished product directly to Sweden. A model with positive impact for both man and planet. That idea was the start of the company Smiling!

Since then, we have continued to come up with new good and natural products within the snacking range.

So how do you make your everyday choices? At Smiling we choose with our hearts, stomachs and with care.

Welcome to our world, a bit fairer for all.


Photo: Smiling Group

4Y7A7501.jpg Photo: Smiling Group