It was when gin enthusiast Dennis Bejedal, founder and master distiller at Norrbottens Destilleri, left Stockholm for the north that he fell in love with the Swedish nature. Norrbotten is the country’s northernmost county, and when he discovered its beauty, he decided to encapsulate it in a way nobody had done before. 

Photo: Norrbottens Destilleri

The distillery produces gin inspired by the landscapes that the Kalix River flows through. Its course begins by the Kebnekaise Mountain, and so does Norrbottens Destilleri’s flavour journey. The first product, Mountain Dry Gin, takes its inspiration from the crisp air atop Sweden’s highest mountain. The river continues through the landscapes and the second staple product, Forest Dry Gin, is flavoured with the pine and spruce found in the deep taiga forest that the water passes through.

The Swedish gin distillery released its first product in November 2019 but has already become one of Sweden’s most award-winning distillery. Their first two products have both showcased extraordinary achievements in the most well-renowned competitions in the business.

The distillery produces its gin in a highly automated system that master distiller Dennis Bejedal, together with his co-founder and Head of Engineering Anders Hansson, manufactured themselves. In order to liberate time for innovative creation and product development, instead of pasting labels and filling up bottles by hand, they made sure that the facility operates in an enclosed structure – from the still to sealed bottle.

Photo: Norrbottens Destilleri

Norrbottens Destilleri and their products invite you to explore Sweden in a different way, where the scents and flavours speak for themselves. Their portfolio will grow as the journey continues along the Kalix River, and Dennis Bejedal and his team will continue to push the boundaries within the spirit industry.