Åre Water AB is a privately held company in Åre Municipality, Jämtland, Sweden. Åre Water products are currently sold in Sweden, France, Monaco and Singapore.

The first Supremium Natural Mineral Water. The combination of water quality, designed bottle and responsibility makes it a supremium product!

Åre Water Still & Sparkling Natural comes in 350 ml and 750 ml glass bottles and 500ml PET bottles.

Main ingrediensts are certified natural mineral water with carbonic acid in sparkling water. Shelf life for glass bottles are 2 years, for PET approx 1 year.

Åre Water is a certified natural mineral water from Åre Källa, We are certified by Intertek as food producers. Åre Water won 2 gold medals at the AVPA Gourmet water competition i France 2017.

Åre Water products are high-end products for the premium market. Excellent water quality and handcrafted production.

Today we export to France, Monaco and Singapore. In the next step we are aiming for Hongkong and the Middle East.