Many think of pop music when they hear Abba, but the truth is that Abba has been around as a seafood brand for a much longer time. Since 1838, to be more exact.

In Sweden, Abba is very well-known for their delicious seafood products. The most popular product is probably our marinated herring that comes in many shapes, flavors and sizes. Herring is enjoyed all year around in Sweden. Maybe because fish, and seafood in general, has a lot of health benefits and often contain a lot of good fats and minerals.

Did you also know that marinated herring from Abba is one of the few products that is a true must-have on the table on all the big holidays? Christmas, Easter, Midsummer – it doesn’t matter what season it is, the Swedes are absolutely crazy about their marinated herring fillets. Which also states the fact that it truly is a versatile product that can be eaten all year around, both on weekdays and holidays.

But it doesn’t stop there. Within our range of seafood, we can offer you caviars, cook-in sauces, fish quenelles, spreads, tunas and mussels, just to name a few. On our websites,, we provide you with a library of recipes if you would like some inspiration on how to cook our precious seafood products. Our caviars are perfect if you want to add a luxurious feel to your appetizers or canapés, and the large range of cook-in sauces makes it easy to serve great-tasting fish courses to your family, several times per week.

We choose our ingredients with great concern for the environment and the lives of the animals. We also have several quality checks along the way and our work ensures full traceability, all the way from the fishing boats to our factory, with written guarantees that the fish has been legally caught. We use MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) as a guideline and strive to put their label on as many of our seafood products as possible. At Abba, we only use fish that is caught within the current quotas.

Orkla Foods Sverige

With more than 1600 employees, a turnover of over 500 million EUR, and some of the most well-known brands in the country, we are one of Sweden’s leading food companies.
Our head office is located in the southern part of Sweden, in the city of Malmö. However, our production facilities are spread across the country, all the way from Simrishamn in the south, to Vansbro in the north. Orkla Foods Sverige AB is part of the Norwegian Orkla Group, listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange.