Almondy, a Swedish bakery that bakes cakes, has been established in the US with traction among broadline distributors. However, the company's aspirations extended beyond these partnerships and the aim is to secure deals with major retail chains.


Almondy is thrilled to gain connection with major retailers through the attendance at Expo West with the Try Swedish pavilion. Anton Löwing, Export Manager, Almondy

In 2022, Almondy sought Business Sweden's assistance to achieve this. Almondy joined the Try Swedish pavilion at the Natural Products Expo West trade show, the leading natural and organic products trade show held annually in Anaheim, California. This gave Almondy exposure and visibility to some of the largest retail chains in North America, like Aldi, Albertson’s, and Kroger.

Business Sweden provided Almondy with subsidised participation while organising the pavilion, including networking opportunities and handling administrative and logistical tasks. This turned out to be crucial for Almondy as they were a small team visiting Expo West and the support allowed them to instead focus on making valuable connections with key US grocery retail buyers.

Expo West proved instrumental in Almondy’s next step in North America as the platform allowed the company to showcase its products, which attracted the attention of important US retail chains, which has opened doors for ongoing relationships post-Expo West,

Almondy was so pleased with the results of its participation at Expo West 2022 that the company decided to return to the event in 2023. Business Sweden's ongoing support has been crucial to Almondy's continued success at Expo West, facilitating connections and ensuring a smooth and impactful presence at the trade show.


Almondy was looking to expand their US footprint and access large retail chains.


Business Sweden assisted Almondy in attending the Try Swedish pavilion at Expo West through subsidised pricing, networking opportunities, and administrative and logistical support.


At the show, Almondy garnered visibility with consumers and established connections with potential buyers.

Value impact

Following Expo West, Almondy established a strong connection with a large US retail chain and decided to make a return at the show to further their network.

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