The demand for plant-based and protein-rich foods and beverages is growing rapidly. Gothenburg based RE:DO aims to provide a sustainable and tasty choice for a healthy lifestyle with their plant-based chocolate bars and drinks which are protein and fiber rich.

After a successful launch in Sweden, RE:DO wished to enter the German market. The main challenge was to understand the market potential and German consumers’ perception of their products. Through Try Swedish, RE:DO test listed their products in a store in Cologne and received real time feedback on key factors such as packaging, price, and taste from German consumers.

We were impressed by the amount of information we received and how well managed the concept was.” – Linda Johnsson, Founder RE:DO

Linda and her team at RE:DO were impressed by the concept and the amount of useful information they received on their products. The products were listed in a store for two months, giving enough time for thorough feedback from the German consumers. In addition to the test listing, Try Swedish arranged a business trip to Cologne, enabling opportunities to connect with experts in the retail market, visiting the test listing store as well as a variety of supermarkets. The trip itself turned out to be very valuable for RE:DO and a highlight of the project.

“If you want to participate, do it all the way. Use Business Sweden as a tool for further expansion in Germany. Also, travel to Germany together with Try Swedish, that was one of the most important insights for us as we discovered the German retail landscape further and increased our understanding about where we want to distribute our products” – Linda Johnsson, Founder RE:DO

Through the test listing and business trip to Cologne RE:DO gained a better understanding of the German retail market and consumer behaviors on the market. Participating in the project gave RE:DO valuable insights and eventually led to them signing a partnership with a German distributor. RE:DO products are currently listed at convenience stores in the ten largest cities in Germany as well as available at food vending machines.

In order to facilitate entry into a new market, RE:DO recommends being proactive – travel to Germany with TrySwedish and take time to analyze and follow up on the feedback received.

“You can´t just lean back and wait for the magic to happen, you need to make an effort and follow up on the data received. By doing so, you could ease the road to market a lot!” – Linda Johnsson, Founder RE:DO

RE:DO has been very committed and used the knowledge gained through project, which enabled them to continue their expansion in Germany.” – Sofia Svensson, Consultant, Business Sweden Berlin

About RE:DO Foods AB

RE:DO is a family business based in Gothenburg founded in 2019, producing plant-based chocolate bars and shakes which are rich in protein. Their products are plant-based, and they have set themselves the goal of offering tasteful meals for every occasion.



Quickly evaluate the market potential, gain an understanding of the German retail landscape and consumer behavior as well as real-time product feedback.


Try Swedish enabled a test listing of the products in a store in Cologne and arranged a business trip to gain further insights on the market and networking with relevant industry partners.


The test listing provided valuable insights on RE:DO’s products and the business trip to Cologne with a greater understanding of the market and RE:DO’s desired strategy going forward. A partnership was signed with a distributor for the German market which includes listings in convenience stores in the ten largest cities in Germany and their products are also found at food vending machines.

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