Being Swedish is important to Unna, and it is also something that forms much of their identity as a brand. Unna is built on Swedish values, such as equal parenting and how Swedes view parenting, and they have a deep knowledge of how the Swedish healthcare system works.

The founders of Unna, Vendela Wikman and Linnea Markmeyer, are parents of young children and understand the challenges of parenthood. For many expectant parents, it is the birth itself that takes up most of their thoughts. Everything that comes immediately after is easily forgotten, and when things don’t go as you expected, life as a new parent can be tough. That’s where Unna’s products and expertise can make things easier.

Could you please start by telling us about your company

– Unna is started by us, Vendela and Linnea, mothers, friends, and entrepreneurs. We offer infant formulas and follow-on formulas for newborns and children up to the age of three. In addition to meeting high standards of composition and nutritional content, Unna is organic and locally produced in Bjuv, in the south of Sweden.

What would you say is special about your products?

– Unna is the first infant formula that is organic and produced in Sweden. Our research has shown that parents have long been looking for an alternative to the big players in the market. We provide an organic alternative and a brand they can relate to, with transparent production.

Can you find Unna outside of Sweden?

– As of today, Unna is centrally listed at the large Swedish grocery chain Coop and sold in about 200 stores across Sweden and at the three largest online pharmacies, ApoteaApohem and We are also being re-sold to Chinese consumers who are looking for reliable formulas of the highest quality outside China’s borders. We’re currently looking at the Baltic States and the Netherlands as a first step in our European expansion.

Why are you interested in international growth?

– With Unna, we want to challenge the big multinationals by being a niche brand focused on high quality organic baby formula. Babies are being born all over the world and there will always be a demand for high quality formulas to replace or supplement breastfeeding. By marketing ourselves as a reliable and safe alternative and using our Swedish heritage, we also hope to inspire equal parenting as part of our storytelling.

Finally, what does Unna mean?

– The name Unna comes from the Old Norse word Unn, which means “to love”. It was important for us to have a brand name with a Swedish connection that symbolises our Swedish heritage.

We would like to thank Vendela and Linnea for this interview and wish them all the best in their future endeavours to help parents get the best start in a wonderful new life with children.

We would also like to recommend their forum (in Swedish), where they share important topics for new parents. And don’t forget to follow Unna on social media; links can be found at the bottom of this page.

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