Gnista Floral Wormwood by Gnista Spirits

The one product that Gnista has launched so far. It is “aromatic and fresh on the nose, then bitter tones of warmwood and green herbs, hints of orange peel and a floral finish”.

Floral Wormwood has been described by experts as:

“… it has just the right degree of ‘difficulty’ essential in an alcohol replacement product. Definitely the most impressive non-alco spirit I’ve tried, says David Gluckman, drinking expert and the man behind Bailey’s.

It is recommended to be consumed as a normal spirit base, but for non alcoholic cocktails, with ice or tonic or on its own as an aperitif.

Photo: God Dryck

No 1 Prestige Cuvée Nonalcoholic sparkling wine by God Dryck

The brand God Dryck was founded by the Good Cause Foundation to make positive change in the world. Their organic grapes are sourced from small, exclusive vineyards in France and Spain. The wine is then aged before being de-alcoholized through a special vacuum method that helps preserve the wine flavors.

God Dryck No 1 Prestige Cuvée is a sparkling, alcohol-free, organic cuvée. It’s fresh and fruity with hints of green apples, pears, citrus, almond icing, and gooseberries.


Photo: We B Tea

Cold brew tea by We B Tea

Founder Beatrice Garvey got tired of the sugary, over sweetened drinks she was offered as a substitute to wine during her pregnancy. She decided to find a more tasty and flavourful option herself. The solution was cold brew tea of delicate and crisp flavours – a perfect drink to enjoy with meals instead of wine or soft drink.

Bestseller is the Tuesday Tea which has a nice balance and goes perfetly with meals with Asian flavorings. The Tuesday Tea is a green tea with China Sencha, apple, hibiscus, coconut, coriander and basil. The tea has got a lovely pink color.

Sustainability is important to We B Tea, the products are made with organic raw ingredients and the packaging are made from sustainable materials. The company cooperates with One Tree Planted, for each 550 Sek in sales, they plant one tree.


Photo: Scensei

Cold brew matcha by Scansei

Fredrik Skeppstedt was brought was up in a family who has been in the tea business for many years. After years of experimenting with different teas, methods, temperatures, brew duration and an illuminating visit to Japan, he launched his own brand Scansei, a cold brew tea with matcha, a tea plant which is protected from sunlight before harvest, which makes the amount of chlorophyll increase and therefore also the nutrient content.

Scansei Cold brew matcha is both delicious and healthy, as it’s packed with antioxidants. It is offered in five different flavors: Pure Matcha, Lime, Yuzu Ginger, Rhubarb and Elderflower.

Photo: Richard Juhlin by Oddbird

Richard Juhlin Non-alcoholic sparkling wine rosé by Richard Juhlin by Oddbird

Richard Juhlin is a leading Champagne expert and well-respected wine connoisseur in Sweden. Wine label Ricard Juhlin by Oddbird offers an exciting non-alcoholic and vegan, sparkling rosé wine.

It’s imported by Swedish food & wine-company Arvid Nordqvist and produces in the same way as alcoholic rosé wine, only de-alcoholized through vacuum distillation.

Ricard Juhlin non-alcoholic sparkling rosé is made of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes, with flavorful elements of summer berries, citrus and Granny Smith apple. Perfect to serve as an aperitif or with fish, chicken or salads.

Sigtuna (1).jpg
Photo: Sigtuna Brygghus

Sigtuna Organic Ale by Sigtuna Brygghus

Sigtuna Organic Ale is a homage to the beer style that was developed by micro brewers in the beginning of the 1980s on the American West Coast, according to Swedish producer Sigtuna Brygghus. It is described as a light beer “with a lot of attitude” that has a “caramel sweetness” to it in combination with citrus aroma and some slight bitterness.

The Sigtuna Organic Ale is one of many beers brewed at Sigtuna Brygghus north of Stockholm. It started in 2005 as a small-scale hobby brewery. But since 2013 it has a capacity of 1 million liters of beer annually.

Photo: Briska

Briska apple cider strawberry and rhubarb by Briska

Briska’s cider is produced in Spendrups’ brewery in Grängesberg in Dalarna, with much focus on sustainability. A unique biofuel plant uses spill-product from the production of biofuel. Apples and pears are picked then crushed into pure must. The concentrated must is fermented into wine, which gives a balanced wine flavor although the cider is non-alcoholic.

Briska organic, non-alcoholic strawberry and rhubarb is fresh, crisp and summery with its flavor combinations.

Photo: Better You

Kombucha by Better You

Better You kombucha is an organic, fermented tea, hand brewed in Swedish health company Better You’s own brewery. The Better You Kombucha is stuffed with vitamin B, healthy bacteria, antioxidants and organic acids. The beverage is not only super healthy, but also a very tasty alternative to alcoholic beverages such as wine.

The tea is unpasteurized, which means it is not heated during production, and has therefore kept its nutrients intact.

Better You kombucha is available in six flavors Blueberry/Lime, Peach/Pomegranate, Natural Flavor, Raspberry/Lemon, Apple/Ginger and Strawberry/Mint. The bottle design is colorful, happy and inspiring.

Photo: Ekobryggeriet

Organic premium Tonic by Ekobryggeriet

Tonic brand Ekobryggeriet, owned by the Nordic Soda Company, offers Sweden’s leading organic premium tonics. The tonic is produced in Österlen in the south of Sweden, and contains only organic sugar, natural aromas water and citric acid.
Flavors are inspired by Nordic nature and culture and the producer’s two bestsellers are Spruce Shoots tonic and Rhubarb tonic.

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