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Swedish brewing company get a little help to navigate uncharted waters

With global expansion in sights, Swedish independent microbrewer, the Uncharted Brewing Company needed help to establish distributor contacts so they could crack new international markets. Try Swedish have swiftly become a trusted partner, accelerating their growth plans in key markets.

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Swedish spirits: so much more than vodka

Forget about Vodka and traditional Schnapps. Handcrafted premium gin is peaking in Sweden, and expectations from independent producers are high on continued growth and on finding new gin consumers - in Sweden and overseas.

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Sweet Tooth for Swedish Organic Candy and Snacks

Swedes like candy! In fact, Swedes are world champions at eating candy, consuming about 15 kilos per capita per year. There are two Swedish phenomena that greatly affect candy consumption. One is that almost all grocery stores have a large wall with self-service pick and mix candy. The other is that there is something called “Saturday candy” which is the highlight of the week for many children. On that day, people go to the pick and mix shelf, take a colourful scoop and fill a bag with chewy, sweet, sour, salty and chocolate candy.

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