Spain has always been a favourite destination for Swedes, but now the journey for Swedish companies can be streamlined and fast-tracked with Try Swedish adding the evolving market to their key focus list. An existing demand for Swedish brands and products already exists in Spain with around 1.5 million Swede’s visiting the country each year and around 90,000 calling it home. This is supported by a local population seeking out veggie and organic products in a trend that is only set to grow. Approximately 11 per cent, or close to five million people are ‘veggies’ (flexitarian, vegetarian, or vegan). The rise of veganism shows no sign of slowing down and increased by 60 per cent between 2019 and 2021. In 2021, 56 per cent of the population bought a ‘veggie’ brand.

This longer-term trend has seen consumers in the market increasingly favour green, safe, and healthy food and Swedish food and beverage products have earned a favourable market image as premium, high-quality, and safe – opening the door for more companies to make their mark.

A leading producer with sustainable production goals

While Spain is already the leading European producer of fruit, vegetables, olive oil, and boasts an impressive fishing industry, there is a wider shift towards more a more efficient and sustainable agri-food system. This change is happening across the value chain and is supported by both national and regional agencies and European aid. Swedish companies with solutions and products across the value chain are in a strong position to ride the wave of change and be part of Spain’s ambitions to create sustainable food production ecosystems.

Spain is Sweden’s 13th largest export market with food exports constituting approximately 21 per cent, but there is substantial room for growth, particularly in food and beverage where the local trends and sustainability goals are driving demand for innovative products.

Swedish companies already have a market advantage with many of the emerging trends already part of their business model.

eCommerce a gamechanger in a traditional market

Spanish consumers followed the global trend of increased online purchasing during the pandemic and recent figures suggest this is here to stay. In 2019, 29 per cent of total food, drinks, and tobacco sales were through eCommerce. But food purchases online are growing at a rapid pace and several Spanish food cooperatives reported a 300 per cent increase in the eCommerce business last year compared to 2019.

Sweden’s strengths in eCommerce, particularly in the food and beverage industry can find a home in Spain, with customer behaviour and preferences already brought into the trend.

Are you ready to go big in spain?

Try Swedish provides tailored support based on your specific conditions and needs, working with you to identify opportunities in the Spanish market that suit your product and company

We can:

  • Identify potential distributors or agents, specific to your products
  • Carry out qualitative and/or quantitative market analysis to:
    • Clarify the potential of the local market
    • Compare the potential with other markets to inform your strategy
    • Identify and understand your customer group
    • Analyse the competitors in your sector
    • Investigate which sales channels will work for your brand
  • Assist with practical support for starting a local subsidiary, finding an office space, and local invoicing
  • Inform about current regulations and how to meet local requirements and regulations

Spain: The big numbers

  • Population: 47 million
  • 13th largest economy in the world by GDP
  • EU’s 4th biggest country
  • Second largest recipient of NGEU funds
  • Swedes living in Spain in 2015: 90,000
  • Shared 2nd place of countries with Swedes living abroad
  • ~13% of Swedes abroad live in Spain
  • 5 million swedes travel to Spain each year making the country Sweden’s top tourist destination
  • 600 Swedish companies active in the country

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