Candypeople is a Swedish company that was established 1982. Pick&Mix has been our core business for 35 years, this has made us experts in confectionery. Our aim is to always maintain high quality throughout the process, so that you, as a costumer always get the taste experience you deserve. Our motto is ”Tasting is believing” the Swedish pick & mix concept is the best and most profitable concept on the market.

Since last year we’ve rolled out our brand new candy bag called “Dalahorse” at IKEA USA and Australia. It’s a “Non GMO” product that tastes amazing. This year we added “Sour Vikings” to the same segment, with “Moose Head” following 2018. Both “Dalahorse” and “Sour Viking” can be found in our booth at ISM 2018.

We think it’s important to be close to the customer, this has led us to have offices in Perth, Dubai, Dallas, Oslo and Malmö, and these offices can help you further with questions. Have a nice visit!