Henrik Schöttinger is the second generation of the family company Schöttinger Group. There has always been a great love for almonds, chocolate and sweets and has permeated the development of the company since 1992.

In 2016, Henrik found a chance to combine his great passion for unique flavor combinations and high quality products and the result became Heavenly by Schöttinger – a brand for the connoisseur of taste!

Photo: Heavenly by Schöttinger

Our Heavenly chocolates are pure handcraft. Each batch is unique, they do not always look exactly the same, which is also the charm. We only work with high quality chocolate containing high cocoa content, all taken from the chocolate country of Belgium.

Photo: Heavenly by Schöttinger

Even from the beginning, the goal was to make exclusive products, both in taste and packaging. The packaging should always give you the same heavenly feeling as when you eat our product.