VERYTABL is focused on providing customers in Sweden and beyond with a large selection of premium and healthy snacks to nourish their body and nurture their well-being. We have the ambition to distribute a wide range of snacks and nutritional supplements, empowering everyone to become the best version of themselves, offering outstanding experiences to revolutionize lifestyles for the better.


Our chocolate bars, for instance, are made with outstanding quality and are very different from everything else available on the market. Their unique taste reflects the unparalleled Belgian chocolate manufacturing and craftsmanship and the quality of the raw materials, making them completely different from anything else.


Our company was created for wellness and health enthusiasts and to overcome the idea that managing weight is primarily about eating less food or decreasing fat. After several trials, experimentations and diets, we have realized that the main problem is the sugar amount in the body, and that eating no processed sugar decreases body inflammation and improves overall health. Balancing blood sugar is key to maintaining a healthy weight. Motivated by our discoveries, we are set out to create a brand that provides people with delicious, nutritious and healthy snack options.

Stay fit ! Eat what you love, with no guilt !