Yipin is Sweden’s first tofu producer, dating back to 1998 when the Lu family first brought their great-grandmother’s recipe to Sweden. Our authentic tofu products are made from EU-organic certified soybeans produced in Vallentuna the same artisan way that our great-grandmother taught us: with great care, passion, and love. Yipin means “best quality” and not only delivers delicious quality products but also shares the love of traditional Asian cuisine with a local twist.

Yipin’s mission is to show how simple, eco-friendly and incredibly good tofu is by combining our passion for Asian heritage with our emphasis on Swedish quality.

From the left: Johanna Guo, Chengen Lu and Joceline Lu from the Lu Family, who together run Yipin. Photo: Charlotte Friberg, Fröken Friberg AB

Whether it be to spice up a salad or to add creaminess to a peanut butter pie, our tofu is versatile for all your kitchen adventures. Discover our products or try a new recipe at www.yipin.se

Photo: Charlotte Friberg, Fröken Friberg AB