Jenny’s Nordic chocolate and Vintage Plantations are two award winning bean to bar chocolate brands, all handmade in the Northern part of Sweden. Organic, fair and sustainable production, using only organic single origin cacao beans and nordic medicinal herbs and berries as flavours. Free from: Dairy, Gluten, Soy and Nuts! Vegan. We slow roast and process at low temperature to keep the nutrients and flavour from harvest to harvest.

The micro batch plant is located in Northern Sweden. As flavors, we use wild, native herbs foraged close to the Arctic Circle. We dry and grind the plants locally.

Environmentally friendly packaging featuring original botanic paintings and pictures from the cocoa plantations in Ecuador.

We source our beans directly from sustainable cocoa plantations in Ecuador. Our beans are roasted at low temperatures to maintain antioxidants and preserve the aroma of the cocoa variety. We stone grind to preserve healthy fibers and to achieve a vintage rustic texture, the way chocolate used to be.

We support the farmers through paying a fair price, direct trade and education.

Vintage Plantations 65% with Angelica won gold at the International Chocolate Awards, Scandinavian competition 2017