The company was set up by Mr. Baron Zettechelme in 2007. After over 20 years in the restaurant and bar business he wanted to create a range of premium alcoholic beverages that could rival the best gin and vodka available. He worked with a master blender, giving the following directions – the vodka should be smooth and elegant, the gin should have the spirit of the classics but without bitterness or oiliness.

The spirits are made in a distillery in Malmköping, in southern Sweden, with natural ingredients from local suppliers. Both spirits are distilled ten times before bottling. The elegant design of the bottles is taken from a 1920s cocktail shaker. Baron Z stands for local produce, all natural ingredients, uncompromising quality, stylish packaging and luxurious appeal.

The spirits being showcased:

  • Baron Z Premium Vodka (Trade price 50SEK/RRP 295SEK) – A beautifully balanced Swedish grain spirit made from wheat, distilled and then blended with natural spring water to produce a smooth vodka with a hint of minerals.
  • Baron Z Premium Gin (Trade price 50SEK/RRP 307SEK) – Austrian highland juniper, a less bitter variety, is scented with coriander leaf, begamot, bitter orange, lime and a hint of cardamom to balance it all.