The spirit of the future is here!

Gnista has been made possible through a unique combination of modern gastronomy, food tech and classic spirit making techniques, where distillation, brewing, smoking and barrel ageing are central. It’s crafted by hand and in small batches in Skåne, Sweden.

Gnista Floral Wormwood Aromatic and fresh with bitter tones of wormwood and green herbs, hints of orange peel and a floral finish.
Serve with tonic and an orange slice, make a low/no cockatil or with ice as an aperitif.

Photo: Gnista Spirits

Gnista Barreled Oak Dry and smokey, with tones of warm spices, chocolate rye and a distinct character of oak barrel.
Serve neat on the rocks, with soda, or replace with rum/whiskey in cocktails.