When Nick and Matthias, two researchers at Lund University, were spending all their free time fermenting things in their kitchen, people kept asking them for their kombucha, so they thought why not produce a bit more? 9 years later Roots of Malmö is Sweden’s largest and most award-winning kombucha brewery.

Roots of Malmö has a simple mission: make drinks that taste good and are good for you! We use fermentation to make beverages, like kombucha and kefir, that are full of microbes that do us good. In addition, we keep our sugar low, among the lowest in the industry, because let’s face it, sugar is the biggest ill of the modern diet. Our flavors are very flavor forward, and we like to bring new tastes to people’s lips; we achieve both using only whole botanical ingredients, no extracts, concentrates or aromas. Some ingredients, like meadowsweet and elderflower, we forage ourselves in the wild, all other ingredients and all our other products are certified organic.

Photo: Roots of Malmö

As a brand, we at Roots strive to do more than just make drinks that taste good and do good. We break down the walls between produce and consumer, using our labels and the internet to be both radically transparent and start a conversation about how we can all consume healthier, tastier and more sustainably. Sustainability is one of Roots’ core values. All our electricity comes from the wind, local deliveries are done by bicycle or biogas vehicles.