Nathalie’s was founded in 2011 and is next generation fair trade. We have a portfolio of tasty, premium, organic dried fruits, jams, whole cane sugar, without additives, and no added sugar.

Our business model is transparent and inclusive, where we include those who earn less than 8 USD/day. Nathalie purchases fruit directly from small-scale farmers in Latin America, without unnecessary middle-hands and leaves them with a fair margin. Nathalie also supports farmers in organizing themselves into associations, and do the transition to organic practices and become certified. She is passionate about small-scale farming and knowing exactly what the farmer gets in his/her pocket after harvest.

The fruit is processed and packed, mainly by single mothers. Hence, Nathalie’s leaves the value chain until finished consumer product in the country of origin, a k a PICO (Produced in Country of Origin), which creates employment and is quite unique in the bulk driven food business.

Nathalie’s is member of UNDP program Business Call to Action and when you consume her products, you contribute to the global goals: SDG2, SDG5, SDG8, SDG10 and SDG12.

Photo: Nathalie’s Direct Trade

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