- Paulig shows the enormous business opportunities that exist for Swedish producers in global markets. The company is also a role model for all responsible producers who are serious about minimising their impact on the environment and the climate, says Jan Larsson, CEO of Business Sweden.

Paulig's factories must be carbon dioxide neutral by 2023 and the packaging recyclable and made from renewable or recycled materials by 2030. In addition, the company collaborates with Swedish farmers to use environmentally friendly Swedish raw materials to a greater extent in its best-selling product, which is estimated to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 30 per cent.

The jury's motivation for Food Exporter of the Year is the following:

"Paulig is successful both in the domestic market and abroad. In recent years, exports have grown in double digits outside the Nordic region and the company has now also entered the Asian market. With an export share of as much as 62 percent, it rises far above the industry average of 30 percent.

This year's Food Export Company of the Year is a leader in Europe within its category and has all the prerequisites to conquer the rest of the world. And it's not just their tasty products that deserve to be spread globally - they also have some of the industry's most ambitious and respectable sustainability goals”.

The Food Export Company of the Year award was established in 1998 and is handed out for the 22nd time this year (cancelled in 2020 and 2021 due to the pandemic). The prize awards a Swedish food and beverage company that through creativity and fine efforts has broken new ground for its company's exports and achieved great direct success during the year. At the same time, the company in question must have laid the foundation for a long-term export development. Behind the award are Livsmedelsföretagen, Business Sweden and the Ministry of Climate and Enterprise.