In the US, colorectal cancer accounts for over 13% of all cancer treatment costs, totalling over USD 24 billion in annual medical costs for some 1.4 million people. Among these are around 300,000 patients with a stage 4 diagnosis who have a life expectancy of 9 to 19 months. While government agencies such as the CDC have ramped up screening efforts, prompting a decline in colorectal cancer incidence, there is still a gap in effective treatment options that prolong the lives of late-stage patients. NEOGAP’s ambition is to combat late-stage colorectal cancer by advancing the field of personalised immunotherapy. Having joined Business Sweden’s Catalyst programme, the company set out explore opportunities in the world’s largest healthcare market.


NEOGAP were convinced of the potential of their cutting-edge technology but needed to build a deeper understanding of the market dynamics and network of research stakeholders to accelerate their US expansion plan. Business Sweden gave NEOGAP a valuable jumpstart by providing in-depth market insights and support in developing their growth strategy, while also helping them build connections with local stakeholders.

Our experience working with Business Sweden was excellent. Their team demonstrated a high level of professionalism, responsiveness, and expertise throughout the entire process. Their commitment to understanding our needs and tailoring their support accordingly made the project seamless and productive says Samuel Svensson, CEO at NEOGAP Therapeutics


Business Sweden’s initial market analysis provided inside perspectives on the US clinical and research landscape for colorectal cancer, including current standard treatment options and treatment pipeline. Besides this, Business Sweden facilitated introductions to local stakeholders and key opinion leaders (KOLs) within cancer immunology. This joint effort, says Samuel Svensson, became the first launchpad for growth. NEOGAP’s technology was positively received and many were eager to collaborate.

“The outcomes of our collaboration with Business Sweden were impactful,” explains Samuel. “The strategic groundwork laid with Business Sweden highlighted key challenges within the US healthcare infrastructure but also show that our technology was met with a great interest by the KOLs. The project also opened new doors for future collaborations.”

NEOGAP is now one step closer towards US expansion – equipped with critical market information, an established KOL network and great momentum for future success.

“Business Sweden provided strategic guidance and an in-depth understanding of the US healthcare system. This will be pivotal in shaping our strategic plans for a successful expansion. Through interviews with several KOLs we got important feedback and contacts, which will help us navigate the complexities of conducting a future clinical trial in the US.”

We are truly grateful for Business Sweden's unwavering support and expertise. Business Sweden is more than a business advisor – they are a catalyst for growth and innovation, Samuel concludes



Having developed a novel immunotherapeutic for colorectal cancer and with trials progressing in
Sweden, NEOGAP wanted to explore opportunities for expansion in the US. To ensure success,
NEOGAP needed to understand the complexities of the US healthcare system and strengthen their network of key opinion leaders.


Business Sweden teamed up with NEOGAP to conduct market analysis and build an in-depth
understanding of the opportunities for late-stage colorectal cancer treatment, while also identifying KOLs to develop a strong US network. A series of 14 interviews with KOLs gave NEOGAP a holistic view of colorectal cancer care and immunotherapy development in the US, unveiling opportunities for initiating US clinical trials to advance NEOGAP’s treatment pipeline


The collaboration yielded broad market understanding and contacts with key stakeholders at the
National Cancer Institute’s designated Comprehensive Cancer Centers. By connecting NEOGAP with relevant stakeholders, Business Sweden expanded the company’s position in cutting-edge
personalised immunotherapy and established relationships with experts and potential research

Value impact

Thanks to the project, NEOGAP gained a comprehensive and well-informed roadmap for its entry into the US market, based on a clear understanding of the opportunities and challenges of implementing their personalised immunotherapy technology, backed up by a strong network of local partners and collaborators to support the company’s growth.



NEOGAP Therapeutics is a cutting-edge Swedish biotech company with academic and pharmaceutical experience in cell therapy and is an emerging player in oncology treatments. Neogap was founded in 2016 as a spin off from Karolinska Institutet. Their cell therapy product, pTTL (Personalised TumourTrained Lymphocytes), currently in phase I/II clinical trials, offers a unique personalised cell therapy designed to target and eliminate cancer with comparably mild side effects. pTTL is powered by two proprietary technologies, EpiTCer® and the PIOR® software, their tools excel in identifying the most effective neoantigens to activate and amplify T-lymphocytes to eradicate the cancer