The impact of the pandemic has reverberated all around the world, with local and international businesses alike feeling the repercussions of disrupted supply chains, slowed growth, and economic uncertainty. The Global Business Climate Survey captures Swedish companies’ perspectives and insights on local business conditions and the factors that determine success in global markets.

As the global economy starts to recover from the impact of Covid-19 and the trend towards to regionalisation ramps up, many Swedish companies will be forced to review their international operations and strategic growth plans to expand revenue and maintain competitiveness. Awareness of local challenges and opportunities is a critical tool, helping Swedish companies to traverse the new global business landscape.

This second edition of the Global Business Climate survey builds on the knowledge from the first report in 2020, collating survey results from 1,400 respondents in 22 markets worldwide and gives readers a unique perspective on key considerations when doing business abroad.

Key findings from the survey highlight everything from local levels of digitalisation and customs issues to sustainability factors, as well as the perceived importance of a Swedish brand identity abroad.

The Global Business Climate Survey is a collaborative project between Business Sweden, the Swedish Chambers of Commerce and Sweden’s embassies and consulates abroad. The survey creates a unique database of viewpoints that allows companies to do a comparative analysis of different markets.

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Global Business Climate Survey 2021
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Global Business Climate Survey 2020
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