Explore our Key Industries

Consumer Goods

Sweden is a pioneer in promoting sustainable consumption and production within the lifestyle industry. With new technologies, innovative business models, and digitalisation, Sweden is driving forward sustainable solutions that meet both ethical and environmental standards.

Digital technologies

Digital technology is a driving force behind sustainable development and growth. It is crucial for creating smart societies that meet the social, business, and economic needs of individuals, enterprises, and public administration.


Smart energy will be the powerhouse of future industry, transport, and society. Sweden is a global leader with its expertise, investments, and innovations in smart energy. Our solutions for energy storage, sustainable production, and distribution pave the way for a greener future.


The sustainable transformation of industry is intensifying worldwide, with Swedish solutions leading the way – driven by clean energy, collaboration, and technological innovation.

Life Science

Sweden is a world leader in life sciences, driven by advanced research and unique digital technologies that pave the way for revolutionary healthcare solutions. We are at the forefront of developing precision medicine, connected health, and efficient infection control.


Sweden is leading the development of smart, sustainable materials that support a circular economy and contribute to achieving climate goals. With innovations in sustainable mining, green battery production, and new biomaterials, we position ourselves at the forefront of future mobility and industry.


Sweden is leading the development of future mobility with a focus on e-mobility, intelligent autonomous vehicles, and alternative fuels. The goal is to create sustainable transport solutions that align with the UN's global goals for sustainable development, aiming for zero carbon emissions and innovative on-demand solutions.