The majority of respondents report profitability and express optimism about future turnover. Most firms say they intend to increase investment in Denmark, underscoring their commitment to conducting business there.

Industrials emerged as the most optimistic, with 77 per cent indicating a profitable performance for 2022, followed by professional services at 59 per cent and consumer goods at 33 per cent.

The geographical proximity, especially from the Øresund region and South Sweden, serves as a strategic asset, fostering smooth trade between the two nations. Evaluating the Danish market and initiating sales require relatively few resources, making it an attractive prospect for Swedish businesses.

Brand awareness and sales competence are deemed most important when maintaining competitiveness in the Danish market. Prioritising brand awareness and sales competence reflects companies' awareness of the competitive dynamics in the Danish market. Danish consumers highly value Swedish brands; therefore, showcasing the Swedish brand could be a significant advantage.

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Team Sweden conducted this survey to understand the market conditions and economic prospects of Swedish companies active in Denmark. The report offers insights into Denmark's broader business climate, highlighting successes and challenges from the past year.

This year, the survey reached over 250 company representatives, while over 1,800 Swedish companies operate in Denmark. Responses were gathered between September and October 2023, with the survey completed by 50 respondents.