In recent years, Mexico has gained prominence as an attractive destination for companies seeking to optimise their manufacturing footprint. With its strategic geographical location and strong trade relations, particularly with the United States, Mexico offers a compelling opportunity for companies looking to enhance their position in North America.

To capitalise on growth opportunities, Swedish companies need to have a comprehensive understanding of the advantages and challenges intrinsic to the Mexican market. This includes recognising Mexico's status as a manufacturing hub and leveraging its geographical advantages. By taking these factors into account, Swedish companies can successfully navigate the market, make informed decisions, and optimise their operations.

The success of Swedish companies in Mexico can be attributed to their long-standing commitment to building strong relationships with local partners and customers. Many of these companies have been operating in Mexico for several decades and have established themselves as trusted providers of high-quality goods and services. Their success is also due to their ability to adapt to the ever-changing business landscape in Mexico, where policies and regulations are constantly evolving.

The Swedish brand has become increasingly relevant in the Mexican market due in large part to the strong presence and success of Swedish companies operating in the country. A significant majority of Swedish companies operating in Mexico, 86 per cent, believe that the "Swedish brand" plays a positive role in the success of their businesses.

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In April 2023, Team Sweden Mexico, represented by the Embassy of Sweden in Mexico and Business Sweden Mexico, conducted the 12th edition of the Business Climate Survey with Swedish companies operating in Mexico.

The Business Climate Survey serves as a comprehensive tool developed to assess the opportunities and challenges encountered by Swedish companies when conducting business in Mexico.

This year's survey was distributed to 96 Swedish companies established in Mexico, with a response rate of 49 per cent, corresponding to 47 company participants. The respondents include country and regional managers of Swedish companies in Mexico, as well as executives with relevant perspectives.

We extend our sincere gratitude to all the companies that participated in the survey, contributing their valuable insights and experiences. Their willingness to share their perspectives has made this report possible, and we hope that the findings and recommendations presented herein will inspire further dialogue, exploration, and collaboration between Mexican and Swedish companies.