Business Climate Surveys

Hong Kong SAR Business Climate Survey 2024

With more than a hundred Swedish or Sweden-related companies active in the financial sector, life science, transportation and logistics, creative industries, retail and much more, our commercial and economic ties to Hong Kong are strong.

Denmark Business Climate Survey 2023

The relationship between Sweden and Denmark reflects a resilient partnership rooted in historical ties and economic alignment. This report provides a comprehensive understanding of the current state of the business climate and future prospects for Swedish companies in Denmark.

Taiwan Business Climate Survey 2023

Taiwan may be a small island, but it is one of Asia’s largest economies. With strong purchasing power, openness for international business and high technological maturity, the island is one of the world’s foremost high-tech hubs and a leading force in Asia’s green transition.

Canada Business Climate Survey 2023

As the ninth largest economy in the world, Canada is home to a healthy, wealthy populace with a highly diversified demand for goods and services. Today, over 150 companies originally based in Sweden operate on Canadian soil, and every year more firms enter the Canadian market.

South Africa business climate survey 2023

Creating sustainable value through collaboration has been Sweden’s principal message, and this is reflected in its relationship with South Africa. The stable business environment in the region makes the country a leading destination for Swedish companies.

Vietnam Business Climate Survey 2023

In the last two decades, foreign direct investment (FDI) into Vietnam has increased at a double-digit growth rate. Today, Vietnam is considered one of the most open countries in Asia regarding FDI receipts, owing to its economic reforms and integration with the global economy.

South Korea Business Climate Survey 2023

Sweden and South Korea are two of the most innovative countries in the world, and many exciting innovation-driven partnerships are going on between the two countries. In this survey, we see a development suggesting Swedish companies may be moving towards conducting more value-adding operations rather than developing abroad and then focusing on sales.

Spain Business Climate Survey 2023

Spain is the fourth largest economy in the EU and the 14th largest in the world, with a population of around 47 million people. Spain and Sweden’s long-standing trade relationship has been solid, with a relative trade balance between the two countries.

The United States Business Climate Survey 2023

The US is often seen as one market by companies looking into establishing in the market; however, it is important to remember the country is large, both in terms of population and in terms of land mass. Due to its size and its 50 states, the culture, the politics, and the way of doing business varies across the country, making it difficult to approach the market in the same way.

India Business Climate Survey 2023

Sweden and India share a long history of collaboration, and 2023 is a very special year that marks 75 years of diplomatic relations between the two countries. India is now home to 260 Swedish companies, and this number is growing with the boost towards trade and investment by the Government of India.

Indonesia Business Climate Survey 2023

Commercial relationships between Indonesia and Sweden continue to develop in a positive direction. Bilateral trade between the two countries has continued to increase as both economies recover from the effect of the Covid-19 pandemic.

UAE Business Climate Survey 2023

Sweden and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have a long history of strong bilateral relations and fruitful cooperation. The first Swedish companies established themselves in the UAE back in the 1960s, and today there are over 220 Swedish companies present in the market.

The United Kingdom Business Climate Survey 2023

The United Kingdom is proud of its reputation as a global hub for business. Thanks to its mature, high-spending consumer market coupled with an open, liberal economy, the UK presents a plethora of opportunities for Swedish companies.

France Business Climate Survey 2023

With over 68 million inhabitants, France is the second-largest economy in the EU and the seventh-largest economy in the world. France has historically been an important trade partner for Sweden, and this relationship keeps growing.

Portugal Business Climate Survey 2023

Sweden and Portugal have enjoyed a solid diplomatic and trade relationship since the 17th century. The business communities of our countries have become more integrated – thereby strengthening both our political ties and our trade relations. Today Portugal ranks among the top 30 export markets for Sweden, and more than 150 Swedish companies are active in the Portuguese market.