The global building sector is undergoing a rapid transformation, with owners and developers of both new and established buildings seeking ways to transition from old, energy wasting solutions, to green, energy efficient methods. While ESBE’s products and technology are often hidden in the fabric of a building, they are at the forefront of HVAC industry modernisation, developing products and solutions that use less energy, enhance comfort, and increase the safety of the heating, cooling, and tap water systems.

While ESBE is a major European manufacturer, the opportunities now emerging in the US market offer growth potential that could not be ignored. But without local market knowledge, the ESBE team needed practical and strategic support that would provide insights and access to viable partners and networks.

ESBE has become a strategic supplier to several leading European heat pump manufacturers and our smart valves and actuators are unique in the market. The US market for heat pumps is taking off, and we wanted to explore the opportunities in this market. Jörgen Thelin, Sales Director at ESBE

To overcome these hurdles, the ESBE team engaged Business Sweden to investigate how the recently introduced and significant rebates, tax credits, and subsidies available to incentivise new technologies are shaping the current and future state of heat pump usage in the US. A multi-faceted approach was taken to not only assess market readiness, but also fast-track sales generation.

Initial interviews with local installation technicians enabled Business Sweden to identify additional competitors’ perceived market share and brand awareness.

While recent regulations were identified as the key market driver, obstacles identified included a lack of trained workforce for installation, continued supply chain disruptions post-Covid, and a general lack of knowledge about heat pumps. However, supply chain disruptions posed a great opportunity for ESBE as US manufacturers were willing to source products globally, preferring to have multiple supplier options in different geographies to reduce risk.

In parallel, Business Sweden tested ESBE’s market positioning by arranging several meetings with heat pump manufacturers, which led to ESBE and Business Sweden travelling together to discuss product customisation with a leading domestic manufacturer.

To build networks and engage with potential partners and suppliers, Business Sweden recommended and facilitated attendance at the AHR Expo in Atlanta, the leading HVAC trade show in the US. ESBE received feedback on product-market fit and connected with interested stakeholders from across the industry. Through these dialogues, ESBE learned there is a gap in the US market for its custom solutions, and now the company is positioning resources to grow sales in the US.

Reflecting on the insights and connections made, Jörgen said:

“Our focus is to provide optimal solutions for our customers, and we wanted to understand how ESBE can provide value to the US manufacturers of heat pumps. With great support from the Business Sweden team, we learned plenty during our intense US visit. This would not have been possible without visiting the market.”



ESBE needed to understand how the US heat pump market differed from the European market, and also identify relevant OEM partners to test its product portfolio and value proposition


ESBE engaged with the US Business Sweden team to evaluate the attractiveness and competitive landscape of the heat pump market in the US, and contact manufacturers for their feedback on the market’s development and ESBE’s products


Business Sweden held interviews with key industry actors including HVAC industry associations. This strong networking led to a site visit with a leading geothermal heat pump manufacturer, plus several other leads as Business Sweden supported ESBE at the AHR Expo in Atlanta. There have also been four qualified leads generated from the support provided.

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