Singapore is poised for success when it comes to applying innovative technologies across many facets of food production. But establishing a presence 9,000 km away presents a myriad of challenges for Swedish companies.

Navigating financial risks, cultural differences, local regulations and market dynamics are just a few of the imperatives these companies face to successfully capture the market opportunity. Now, Business Sweden presents a new report based on interviews with six leading players in Singapore’s agri-food tech scene.

The report delves into pivotal topics including:

  • How current trends in Singapore are accelerating advances in agri-food tech.
  • How the balance between automation and manpower is being addressed in the sector.
  • Insights into the strategies employed for attracting investors and investments.
  • Criteria employed by investors when identifying promising startups.

The collected insights reflect the views of a diverse group of experts and ventures in Singapore’s agri-food tech sector, ranging from business owners to local accelerators and educators.

The report unveils the inside story on Singapore's flourishing agri-food tech landscape and how Swedish can seize the momentum. Download now to get the first-hand perspectives on the ground.   


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