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Radical change ahead in the automotive industry

Developments in the automotive industry are moving at an unprecedented pace. The impact of this cannot be underestimated with the industry providing jobs to 13.8 million people in Europe, representing 6.1% of total EU employment.

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To do business with the global public sector

Growth, digitalisation and climate change are the basis for today's investment in infrastructure around the world. This places new demands on development, which opens up business opportunities in the public sector internationally. Only available in Swedish.

The key to B2B success in China

In this episode we focus on how to succeed with business to business in China. The market has quickly been digitised, and the game rules differ from those normally used by Swedish companies. Only available in Swedish.

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The new era in China

“The new era” affects Swedish companies working towards the Chinese market. David Hallgren, Trade Commissioner at Business Sweden's China office, guides us through both the risks but also the opportunities that the development in the market entails. Only available in Swedish.

The future of mobility

The automotive industry is currently undergoing major changes. To be a part of the future of autonomous mobility, co-creation between startups and tech companies is essential. Sweden has an important role to play for the future of mobility.

E-commerce: a possibility of global success

In this episode, we focus on how e-commerce could be the "key to the world" for many Swedish companies. What does it take to succeed with e-commerce in different parts of the world? Only available in Swedish.

Working with the world as arena

With almost ten years of experience, Asli Sungur and Johan Chun know what it is like to work at Business Sweden. Listen to their personal experiences of what it's like to work with the whole world as an arena and what makes them so proud of their workplace. Only available in Swedish.

Market expansion - guiding your company in the global market

In this episode we focus on market expansion, Business Sweden’s offer that guides Swedish companies in the global market. Only available in Swedish.

New trends in the Swedish retail market

Today, almost 70% of Swedes have shopped online and 50% shop on their mobile. There has been a rapid change in shopping behaviour and international retail businesses looking to move into the Swedish market need to be informed about current Nordic consumer behaviour.

The path towards global business for small and medium-sized companies

It is essential for Sweden that small and medium-sized companies enter the global market. In this episode, we speak to Helen Rönnholm about how they support Swedish companies in taking their first steps to global expansion. Only available in Swedish.

Swedish technology is changing the world's mining industry

More than 50 percent of all technology found in the world's underground mines comes from Swedish companies. Technology development is happening at a rapid pace and the Swedish companies are the driving force in this development. Only available in Swedish.

New trends in the manufacturing industry

The manufacturing industry is currently undergoing a rapid change. Manufacturing is taking place closer to the home markets. At the same time Asia, and China in particular, is becoming more self-sufficient. In this episode, we focus on the manufacturing industry and ask ourselves the questions of where and why? Only available in Swedish.

Five myths about the Swedish manufacturing industry

In this episode, we dig deeper into the topic of the Swedish manufacturing industry. Together with Klas Ericson and Andreas Scheibenpflug from Business Sweden, we kill five of the biggest myths about Sweden as a manufacturing nation. We also talk about the future and how Sweden can assert itself in the international competition. Only available in Swedish.

Why Swedish companies should look towards Southeast Asia

The growth rate in Southeast Asia has been strong during the recent years. Few regions in the world compare to this. The development creates great opportunities for companies that want to establish themselves in the region. Only available in Swedish.

The Belt and road initiative – opportunities in the East

The Belt and Road Initiative is a enormous project in China affecting 60-90 countries. It is an infrastructure project focusing on the remaining parts of Asia, the Middle East and parts of Europe. Only available in Swedish.