The Swedish economy fared relatively well during the pandemic, particularly from a European perspective. While Sweden’s total exports fell by just under 4 per cent during 2020, Sweden reinforced its position on the global export market, as shown in recent statistics from UN Comtrade.  

The annual edition of our report Global Export reveals that Sweden’s share of the global market for export goods grew by 9 per cent during the pandemic year 2020, rising to 1.2 per cent share from 1.1 per cent in the previous year. Sweden gained market shares in goods categories such as electronics, pharmaceuticals and wood products – all areas where demand increased sharply during the pandemic.

This indicates that Sweden’s strengthened position was partly at least due to a pandemic effect. Between 2015 and 2019, Sweden’s share of the global export market remained stable at 1.1 per cent. Whether or not Sweden’s increased market share indicates a trend break is too soon to determine.     

Asia continued to forge ahead in 2020 and became the dominating force in the global export market. Europe’s share of global exports was unchanged while North America lost ground.   

Get the full overview in this year’s edition of the Global Export report.   

About THE Analysis

Business Sweden publishes the report Global Export once a year. The United Nations’ database UN Comtrade is used to produce export statistics for Sweden’s 32 most important export markets for the period 2000–2020.

UN Comtrade contains most countries’ foreign trade broken down into commodity groups according to the so-called SITC-nomenclature. All figures are in current prices expressed in USD. The goods exports have been divided into 13 commodity groups that cover approximately 85 per cent of Swedish goods exports.

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