New horizons for e-mobility

Canadian start-up finds ideal testing ground for all-electric winter vehicle: “Sweden is a key market with a collaborative atmosphere for e-mobility solutions.”

Pfizer harnesses Sweden's digital health innovation

Swedish startups are opportunities rather than threats, says the pharmaceutical company Pfizer. The healthcare giant established in 1849 sees digitalisation as an opportunity to grow with the times and collaborate with emerging...

Charging ahead

The construction of Europe's largest 'green' battery factory is underway in Sweden. After five years at the right-hand side of Tesla CEO Elon Musk, Peter Carlsson has returned to Sweden to build the world’s greenest battery factory.

Cashless society

It looks like Sweden is primed to become the first country in the world to abandon paper money. The question is why?

The land of unicorns

How did Sweden end up with the second largest concentration of billion dollar companies per capita in the world? Professor Robin Teigland explains how a small country nestled away in the Nordics developed its magic touch.

Tune in, print out

3D printing is not new, but it is set to become the new frontier – and some Swedish manufacturers are already well ahead of the curve.

Fiber optics possibilities for Swedish companies

Sweden’s experience in building FTTH networks is in high demand in European countries that are investing in their infrastructure - and there is no time to waste.

Sweden: the gateway to 3D printing innovation

Triple market growth puts Sweden at the forefront of the additive manufacturing boom.

Queen of the waves: Inna Braverman

Inna Braverman’s celebrated energy company Eco Wave Power makes market debut on Nasdaq Stockholm.

New cyber security legislation in China

China has implemented a cybersecurity law aiming at increasing data protection and regulating data outflow from China.

Johnson & Johnson ramps up production of Nicorette in global fight against smoking

Global health care company Johnson & Johnson is stepping up its activities in the global fight against smoking with a major expansion of its manufacturing facilities in Sweden. The expansion will primarily service the production of...

Biotech specialist meets global demand for synthetic DNA with new Swedish plant

SGS DNA, owned by the Dutch molecular diagnostics conglomerate QIAGEN, expands into new €6 million facility in Västerås.

Sandvik’s inner sanctum: Steps up focus on additive manufacturing

On the northern shore of Lake Storsjön in Sandviken (Sandy Bay) one of the world’s leading manufacturers of cutting tools and materials technology is bolstering its ambitions in additive manufacturing. Here’s a look behind the scenes.

Electrolux spin-out Prodma steps up agile manufacturing

Prodma breathes new life into former Electrolux factory and expands portfolio of refrigeration solutions to medtech.

Metsä Tissue to invest €230 million in new Mariestad paper mill

Metsä Tissue takes aim at zero carbon operations with a major upgrade of its paper mill in Mariestad, Sweden.