When Univrses, a pioneering company specialising in computer vision and deep learning, needed to find new customers in untapped markets, Business Sweden’s local teams in the US, Italy and Japan stepped in and provided a helping hand.  

Univrses’ expertise lies in processing videos and images from cameras installed in vehicles, enabling these vehicles to understand their surroundings and solve urban challenges in automotive and smart city applications. As part of its innovative system, Univrses partners with various fleets, including taxis, garbage trucks, buses, and even postal and last-mile delivery services. These fleets become data harvesters by incorporating cameras into their windshields. 



Business Sweden has played a pivotal role in Univrses' success by helping to identify and reach out to customers in three major markets where Univrses solutions have big potential – the US, Italy and Japan.  

By leveraging its local market knowledge, Business Sweden helped Univrses identify trade shows and events where their target customers are present. This strategic approach ensured that Univrses could effectively engage with prospects and increase their chances of securing new business. 

Business Sweden can play a very central role to Univrses future by helping us to expand into the different territories, understand local markets and to bring the impact that we seek across those different countries and the world beyond. Jonathan Selbie, CEO, Univrses

Looking ahead, Business Sweden's involvement continues to be instrumental in Univrses' expansion into new territories. By helping to understand local markets and provide valuable insights, Business Sweden is supporting Univrses‘ global ambition to make a significant impact in the leading markets for autonomous mobility.  

As Sweden’s mobility tech sector forges ahead, Univrses is a prime example of how small but innovative companies can benefit from Business Sweden’s global reach, as a way of overcoming resource limitations and unlocking new business opportunities. 



Univrses are dedicated to improve urban infrastructure by harnessing the power of computer vision and machine learning. They strive to make a positive impact on city life, enhancing urban environments and enriching the lives of citizens.

Their approach focuses on a world where cities and communities are interconnected, powered by AI and computer vision technologies. They aim to empower city officials and infrastructure managers to create safer, greener, and more livable cities for everyone, breaking down traditional barriers and limitations