When the Swedish scale-up IVISYS launched in US early 2022 it proudly presented a new machine vision solution that elevates the structural integrity of pallets with state-of-the-art pallet inspection. With a cutting-edge AI-powered platform, the PALLETAI, IVISYS, was confident it could unlock exceptional value for manufacturers by enabling automated quality control for pallet inspection, which helps to prevent damages and delays and improve productivity and profitability.

The growth prospects in the US – the world’s second largest manufacturing hub – were more than promising. But not even the company’s leadership team could imagine just how quickly they would soar to success in this notoriously competitive market.


Within less than a year, IVISYS had sold several machines and gained significant traction with US customers and job candidates alike. The journey had started by teaming up with Business Sweden who provided comprehensive support at every step of the company’s US expansion. Business Sweden’s team in Chicago helped IVISYS successfully complete business registration, gain finance and accounting support, and adapt its business practices to the US labour market, with HR infrastructure development support.

The aim, says Stefan Bohman, CEO at IVISYS, was to minimise risk and get up and running as soon as possible.

“The PALLETAI’s inspection process and software capabilities are unique,” explains Stefan Bohman, CEO at IVISYS.  

The same scanning and inspection system that has made it easier to manage pallet quality for European retail pools was introduced to the US market together with support by Business Sweden, which Bohman describes as excellent.

The team at Business Sweden guided and manoeuvred us through the challenges in a professional and smart way to overcome these hurdles. The measurable results from the collaboration was speed, great learning and time to market in a smooth and brilliant way Stefan Bohman, CEO at IVISYS


As IVISYS ventured into unfamiliar territory, Business Sweden provided invaluable support by guiding them through the legal and administrative hurdles of establishing a US business entity. This involved assisting with the business registration process, ensuring compliance with local regulations, and handling essential accounting needs.

Furthermore, IVISYS used Business Sweden’s Office as a launch pad before finding their own. This was a smart hack for success while establishing IVISYS in the US market.

Additionally, Business Sweden's expertise in developing robust HR infrastructure helped IVISYS seamlessly adapt their processes to the US labour market. With an in-depth understanding of local compliance and best practices, Business Sweden collaborated closely with IVISYS to create tailored job descriptions, role titles, and compensation/benefits packages, while also helping to curate an employee handbook that adapted IVISYS existing policies to US standards, ensuring a smooth transition for their workforce.

Business Sweden's involvement extended beyond consultation; actively supporting IVISYS in recruiting and hiring their first US employee – a pivotal step in establishing a local presence. Leveraging their extensive network and comprehensive understanding of the industry, Business Sweden’s Chicago team identified qualified candidates, facilitated the recruitment process, and ensured IVISYS found the perfect fit for their US operations.

By partnering with Business Sweden to ensure a seamless transition, IVISYS could establish a strong foothold in the US manufacturing sector to revolutionise the way pallet inspection is ensured in high-volume production plants. The future for IVISYS is now clear – grow organically by expanding the local team and continue to spread the IVISYS name in the manufacturing industry.


IVISYS needed help to navigate the operational landscape, ensure compliance with regulations, find talent, build connections, and speed up its market entry in the US.


Business Sweden played a vital role in empowering IVISYS to expand into the US market, guiding them through the administrative hurdles of establishing a US business entity. This involved assisting with the business registration process, ensuring compliance with local regulations, and handling essential accounting needs.


The result of the collaboration and comprehensive support from Business Sweden was two-fold. IVISYS successfully registered its US business entity, allowing them to operate seamlessly. This streamlined the process for entering into contracts and engaging with potential clients which strengthened their credibility as a local business.

Value impact

IVISYS plays an important role in modern production and automation. “At IVISYS, we have embarked on a journey to become number one in machine vision solutions using the latest AI technology, says Stefan Bohman, CEO at IVISYS. IVISYS PALLETAI is a turn-key solution for pallet inspection; that inspects pallets to secure quality, uptime, productivity, and increased ROI. Together with Business Sweden, IVISYS could establish a successful strategy.



After more than 20 years of dedicated research and development, IVISYS developed an effective method to perform automated quality control for pallet inspection using state-of-the-art AI technology. The company is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, and aims to become a market leader in pallet inspection to help companies overcome logistics challenges, increase warehouse efficiency and improve warehouse flow.



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