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Entering the global slowdown

The global economy has entered into a mild recession that is expected to last well into next year. Weak demand in Europe, where some 70 per cent of Sweden’s exports are destined, coupled with rising geopolitical tensions is holding back Swedish export growth. Get our full analysis in the latest issue of Global Economic Outlook.

South Africa business climate survey 2023

Creating sustainable value through collaboration has been Sweden’s principal message, and this is reflected in its relationship with South Africa. The stable business environment in the region makes the country a leading destination for Swedish companies.

Clouds on the investment horizon

Storm clouds are gathering over cross-border direct investments in the world economy. All regions lost ground in 2022 except for Asia and South America. In contrast, Sweden hit a new record for foreign direct investment, FDI, with an all-time high of 512 billion SEK. Get the full overview and explore the results of Business Sweden’s latest survey of Sweden’s investment climate.

Global analysis
Business Sweden continuously monitors markets globally, and analyses the effects on Swedish companies’ internationalisation. Our reports provide a broad view of Swedish exports and foreign investments.
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Join Sweden: Behind the scenes of Sweden’s green momentum

Sweden’s climate-smart, system-wide solutions for going green and digital are attracting the international spotlight. But how can other countries tap into the momentum and join Sweden on its mission? Listen in as Anna Hallberg, Sweden’s Minister for Foreign Trade and Nordic Affairs, and Business Sweden’s CEO Jan Larsson share their inside perspectives.

South Korean Sono Group establishes a brand new concept on the High Coast

At Business Sweden, we see a substantial increase from foreign investors to invest in Swedish tourism. Swedes are considered early adopters and open to new trends. When Sono Group made an enquiry about building a new resort on the High Coast, the region turned to Business Sweden to help develop the relationship.

Unleashing AI's potential with innovative data use, collaboration, and bold thinking

To build a future that delivers smart society solutions, we need to leverage the power of data and digital technology. Sweden has emerged as an innovation test bed for AI, edge learning, and more, and this is driving collaboration and growth. Listen to insights from Business Sweden’s DigiTech investment expert Alexander Morrone and Ebba Josefson Lindqvist, project manager for The Data Factory at AI Sweden.

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Minesto dives into Asia-Pacific

Swedish company Minesto has a unique solution that harnesses tidal energy, an abundant and reliable source of power, and their technology is helping to transform the energy sector in Sweden and Europe. But making the leap further afield to Asia and securing important MoUs with public stakeholders needed extra support, that’s when they turned to Business Sweden.

Nordic boom in robotic surgery: Intuitive expands in Sweden

When Intuitive, the leading global provider of surgical robots, was eyeing expansion in the Nordic region, Stockholm was deemed the ideal springboard for making its da Vinci system even more accessible to Nordic patients.

South Africa business climate survey 2023

Creating sustainable value through collaboration has been Sweden’s principal message, and this is reflected in its relationship with South Africa. The stable business environment in the region makes the country a leading destination for Swedish companies.

Rewiring global supply chains

Global megatrends and two recent crises – the Covid pandemic and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine – have prompted a major rethink of supply chains. This study unpacks the driving forces, key trends and strategies being adopted by Swedish supply chain executives.

Green growth in the Middle East

Sustainable development is taking the spotlight in the Middle East as the region pushes to diversify its economies and build climate change resilience. Explore the current momentum in four key markets and how Swedish companies can capture emerging opportunities.

Hit the spot with beauty and personal care products in India

The growth of India’s beauty and personal care sector is soaring, and the demand for global brands unprecedented driven by a rapidly growing middle income group. With sustainability and ethical consumerism emerging as priorities for consumers, Swedish brands have the potential to make an impact and secure brand loyalty. But how can brands make a splash and secure brand loyalty?

Navigating Importation in Nigeria to embrace opportunities

Navigating Nigeria’s import puzzle to unlock

Digital technologies unlocking Africa’s informal retail market potential

Consumption behaviours in Africa are unique, with informal retail channels still dominating despite rapid urbanisation and a growing middle-income population. Shopping habits of people across the income spectrum have remained consistent, however the demand for digital solutions in the informal retail space is high. But how do Swedish companies understand, and importantly, tap into this immense potential?

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New kid on the block in Asia’s battery industry

The Asia-Pacific region is at the forefront of the global battery storage market. But the spotlight is not only on the incumbent players when it comes to battery investments. It’s time to make way for India – here’s why.

Is India the next supply chain hub?

Geopolitics is changing the playing field for Asian supply chains and India’s new role as an emerging manufacturing and logistics hub is picking up momentum. Here’s a look at the latest developments – and why Swedish companies should pay close attention.

India’s manufacturing sector

With improved operating conditions, cost competitiveness, a significant talent pool and success in meeting outsourcing requirements, India is inching closer to China in becoming a preferred global manufacturing hub.

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