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Asia, spearheaded by China, will be the growth engine for the global economy in 2023. The Western economies are facing a challenging year as recession kicks in – but the decline will be short-lived. Inflation has peaked and central banks are nearing the end of their tightening cycles for interest rates. Get our full analysis in the March issue of Global Economic Outlook.

Three reasons why Sweden is spearheading the global fight against Alzheimer’s

The world’s leading experts on neurodegenerative diseases are gathering in Gothenburg. Here’s a closer look at why Sweden is in pole position to solve the Alzheimer’s puzzle.

Business Sweden News: Inside the Nordic
battery boom

Sweden and its Nordic neighbours are on a joint mission to make the world’s greenest batteries – and collaboration is rapidly accelerating. Can the Nordics become the epicentre for sustainable battery production in Europe? Join us for a look behind the scenes in this episode of Business Sweden News.

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Business Sweden continuously monitors markets globally, and analyses the effects on Swedish companies’ internationalisation. Our reports provide a broad view of Swedish exports and foreign investments.
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Join Sweden: Behind the scenes of Sweden’s green momentum

Sweden’s climate-smart, system-wide solutions for going green and digital are attracting the international spotlight. But how can other countries tap into the momentum and join Sweden on its mission? Listen in as Anna Hallberg, Sweden’s Minister for Foreign Trade and Nordic Affairs, and Business Sweden’s CEO Jan Larsson share their inside perspectives.

South Korean Sono Group establishes a brand new concept on the High Coast

At Business Sweden, we see a substantial increase from foreign investors to invest in Swedish tourism. Swedes are considered early adopters and open to new trends. When Sono Group made an enquiry about building a new resort on the High Coast, the region turned to Business Sweden to help develop the relationship.

Unleashing AI's potential with innovative data use, collaboration, and bold thinking

To build a future that delivers smart society solutions, we need to leverage the power of data and digital technology. Sweden has emerged as an innovation test bed for AI, edge learning, and more, and this is driving collaboration and growth. Listen to insights from Business Sweden’s DigiTech investment expert Alexander Morrone and Ebba Josefson Lindqvist, project manager for The Data Factory at AI Sweden.

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Lumeotech leap into german attachment tech market

When Swedish company LumeoTech wanted to expand their European footprint, they needed to quickly identify sector relevant partners and understand the potential for growth in one of Europe’s biggest markets. As part of Business Sweden’s Catalyst programme, their global market expansion dreams quickly became a reality.

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Safe at Sea signs strategic partnership with distributor in Germany

Through a partner search project with Business Sweden in the spring of 2022, Safe at Sea met with several distribution candidates for the German market. In July 2022 Safe at Sea signed a distributor partnership with Lava Marine GmbH.

Sustainable mining in Sweden

A short introduction to Swedish mining opportunities and offerings

Creating a green future: trends in the sustainable lifestyle sector

The creative, food, and lifestyle sectors are coming under increasing scrutiny for their impact on the environment – but there are solutions emerging to promote sustainable production, consumption, and circularity. In this trend guide, we look at the latest innovations in key sectors including aquaculture, new proteins, and smart textiles.

Energy price shock hits Swedish exports

The impact of surging energy prices in Sweden and Europe is being felt right across society. Business Sweden presents a new survey showing that two-thirds of manufacturers in Sweden are moderately or severely impacted by the electricity price shock – and many are signalling cutbacks.

Three reasons why Sweden is spearheading the global fight against Alzheimer’s

The world’s leading experts on neurodegenerative diseases are gathering in Gothenburg. Here’s a closer look at why Sweden is in pole position to solve the Alzheimer’s puzzle.

Food for thought: bright future for Agri-Food Tech in Singapore

In November 2022, the United Nations announced that the global population had surpassed 8 billion. Today, more than half of the world’s inhabitants live in urban areas, while climate change and rising temperatures are causing more extreme weather events such as heat waves and wildfires. Questions are now being raised: Is there enough food for everyone? Can we reinvent our diet and eating habits, or can we bring farms to cities?

A new chapter for Cote d’Ivoire: Swedish alliance accelerates West Africa’s largest clean water project

With backing from Sweden’s first class export credit system, progress is well underway to bring safe and clean drinking water to three million people in more than a thousand rural villages across Cote d’Ivoire. Here’s a look behind the scenes of West Africa’s largest clean water project.

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Is India the next supply chain hub?

Geopolitics is changing the playing field for Asian supply chains and India’s new role as an emerging manufacturing and logistics hub is picking up momentum. Here’s a look at the latest developments – and why Swedish companies should pay close attention.

India’s manufacturing sector

With improved operating conditions, cost competitiveness, a significant talent pool and success in meeting outsourcing requirements, India is inching closer to China in becoming a preferred global manufacturing hub.

Are your distributors a bottleneck?

Distributors are pivotal for global growth, and in turbulent times, can make or break your business. Understanding your distributor relationships is only a step away, but can have a profound impact on your global growth.

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