Riding to a sustainable future in Africa

Africa’s public transport systems are being pushed to the limit in urban areas as population growth and traffic congestion soar. Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) is now the preferred solution – putting Swedish mobility suppliers in the spotlight.

Türkiye Business Climate Survey 2023

In 2022, export volume from Sweden to Türkiye increased by 35 per cent compared to 2021 and amounted to 20.4 billion SEK, reaching an all-time high in the last 10 years. Despite Türkiye's sustained growth in the past decade, the global economic slowdown following the Covid-19 pandemic and recent macroeconomic policies have hindered its GDP growth.

Mainland China Business Climate Survey 2023

2022 was the year when we experienced the toughest pandemic management ever seen in the market, which had a strong impact on companies and individuals. It was also the year when the zero-Covid policy was dropped overnight, and life rapidly went back to normal. The pandemic is now over, but world trade is still facing turbulence and uncertainty.

Steps to decode your distributor relationships

Nearly half of all Swedish companies operating in global markets rely on local sales partners, or distributors, to accelerate their sales, but these relationships are often challenging and complicated. This report explores the key indicators and approaches for working effectively with distributors and partners in global markets.

Sustainable mining in Sweden

A short introduction to Swedish mining opportunities and offerings

Creating a green future: trends in the sustainable lifestyle sector

The creative, food, and lifestyle sectors are coming under increasing scrutiny for their impact on the environment – but there are solutions emerging to promote sustainable production, consumption, and circularity. In this trend guide, we look at the latest innovations in key sectors including aquaculture, new proteins, and smart textiles.

Energy price shock hits Swedish exports

The impact of surging energy prices in Sweden and Europe is being felt right across society. Business Sweden presents a new survey showing that two-thirds of manufacturers in Sweden are moderately or severely impacted by the electricity price shock – and many are signalling cutbacks.

Canada Business Climate Survey 2022

The 2022 Business Climate Survey has demonstrated the resilience of the Canadian market and highlighted a hopeful future for a wide variety of Swedish companies present in Canada. Canadian-Swedish trade relations grow stronger as the impact of Covid-19 subsides and investors look for stable, safe, and growing markets to continue to expand.

Building China's green future

China is a critical market as Swedish companies ramp up their efforts to pioneer the global green transition. In this report, we take a closer look at how five local sustainability challenges can be overcome.

Taiwan Business Climate Survey 2022

This year’s Business Climate Survey is the first product of the strengthened collaboration between Business Sweden and the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Taipei. The report highlights a positive business climate for Swedish companies in Taiwan and a strong investment outlook. In addition, the report showcases Taiwan’s stable market for Swedish companies to do business in.

Pioneering green transition in Türkiye

How are Swedish sustainable business practices and sustainable technology solutions being implemented in Türkiye? This report uncovers the answer.

Navigating uncertainty in China with an updated game plan

Due to the changing reality, China strategies that were set in place before 2020 are likely no longer valid. We thereby see an urgent need for companies to build resilience and increase agility to be able to navigate this time of heightened uncertainty. To do this, we advise companies to embark on a three-step process presented in this report.

A green wave of Swedish fintech

Green fintech provides solutions that address some of society's most pressing issues. By mobilising capital and synthesising data for financial decision-making, fintech can allocate capital towards creating solutions to meet the Sustainable Development Goals.

The United Kingdom Business Climate Survey 2022

The United Kingdom has many prominent industries, a thriving start-up scene and one of the most important financial hubs in the world, London. Thanks to low entry barriers and a large market size, there are a lot of opportunities in sectors where Swedish companies can fully leverage their strengths. Team Sweden in the UK have conducted the third edition of the Business Climate Survey among Swedish companies in the UK, whose findings are presented in this report.

Thailand Business Climate Survey 2022

Team Sweden has carried out the Business Climate Survey, calling on Swedish companies active in Thailand to report how they perceive economic and market conditions and comment on factors such as sustainability and innovation. Many companies state that they plan to increase their investments in Thailand in the near future. The Thai economy is recovering but not as fast as in the other ASEAN countries, casting a shadow of stagnation over Thailand.