Morocco is on a transformative journey towards universal healthcare coverage, supported by a comprehensive health reform programme. This national endeavour aims to provide all Moroccan citizens with access to quality healthcare, a move that aligns with the country's commitment to social welfare and development. 

To support this ambitious goal, the Moroccan government has introduced a health reform programme based on four key pillars: 

  • Effective governance: Strengthening the management and regulatory framework of the healthcare system 
  • Human resources development: Enhancing the quality and availability of healthcare professionals 
  • Healthcare infrastructure improvement: Upgrading facilities and expanding healthcare services 
  • Digitalisation: Integrating technology to improve healthcare delivery and management 

Among these, the third pillar, the improvement of healthcare infrastructure, is particularly significant.  

Large-scale investment supporting strategic goals 

This pillar encompasses a series of critical projects and substantial investments aimed at revvamping and expanding Morocco's healthcare facilities. This includes the construction of new hospitals and the modernisation of existing ones, all with the goal of  increasing access and improving the quality of healthcare services across the country. The current total investment for these projects is approximately SEK 20 billion, and notable projects under this initiative include the state-of-the-art Ibn Sina University Hospital in Rabat and several other regional hospitals, each designed to meet the growing healthcare needs of the population. 

These projects are part of a broader investment strategy, with the Moroccan government allocating substantial resources to the healthcare sector to meet their strategic ambitions. In 2024 alone, SEK 30 billion has been earmarked for healthcare and social protection. This financial commitment is a clear indication of the priority being placed on health sector reform and the generalisation of social coverage. 

Entire healthcare value chain expertise in demand 

Alongside the infrastructure improvement, the pillars of digitalisation and human resource development also present significant opportunities for Swedish companies. The expected long-term changes and overall transition within healthcare in Morocco present a unique opportunity for Swedish companies specialising in healthcare infrastructure, medical technology,, and digital health solutions. There is a substantial scope for collaboration, innovation, and investment in a market that is rapidly expanding and modernising. 

Companies interested in exploring these opportunities are encouraged to engage with the Business Sweden team in Morocco to understand the specific needs and contribute to the significant healthcare transformation.